Asus launching new music accessories

Posted By: Rahul

Asus launching new music accessories

Asus’ idea of ending a year sounds pretty cool and will definitely make music buffs profoundly happy. Asus is ending 2011 with a salute to music by launching the coolest USB driven Music products. MS-100 USB stereo speaker set and HS-W1 wireless headset are the two New Year gifts from Asus.

Both these devices are pretty much very portable taking into account their small size. But, although at a small size, both the devices come with stunning looks, striking features and superb audio quality and audibility. The MS-100 Stereo set and HS-W1 headsets have a simple design, which makes them easy to operate.

Asus launching new music accessories

Key Features of MS-100 USB Stereo speaker set:

  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible connection

  • 152 x 104 x 133 mm dimensions

  • Large 54 mm speaker drivers that is capable of generating up to 93 dB of sound

  • Can generate great sounds with great quality and the least distortion

  • No additional drivers are required when used with operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Fits perfectly in residential or office environments, thanks to its classy design and size

  • 100 Hz – 20 KHz Frequency response

  • 2 x 1.5 W RMS

  • 500 mA power supply powered by USB

Key Features of HS-W1 USB wireless headset

  • 180 x 175 x 65 mm dimensions

  • Weighs about 65 grams

  • WiFi 2.4 GHz Advanced 2-way digital transmission Wireless Technology

  • Range of use up to 15 meters

  • Ultra high performance 40 mm headset speakers

  • Effective noise cancellation enabled Headset microphone

  • 20 ~ 20 KHz Frequency response

  • Up to 8 hours of listening

  • Lithium polymer battery

The specifications for both Asus’ music products are impressive. Their acoustic quality and performance are much more impressive. The MS-100 Speakers have the potential to generate sound almost reaching about 93 decibels with the least distortion you can get at about 3% to be exact. The acoustic quality is awesome at high frequencies and pretty good at mid and low ranges. It can be connected via USB and is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0. As MS-100 speaker doesn’t require additional drivers in Windows Vista and 7 OS, it can be easily connected and used in any systems anywhere.

HS-W1 Wireless USB headsets on the other hand, is pretty awesome impressing you with crystal clear and crisp sound quality also providing great comfort while wearing it. Its 70mm ear-pads are pretty soft and puffy and is made of the smoothest leather. The 2.4 GHz Wireless 2-way digital transmission technology transmits sounds from the small USB dongle to the headset wirelessly, and with CD quality. HS-W1 headsets offer great range with twice the remote distance offered by standard Bluetooth powered audio devices.

With the integrated sound equalizer and 40 mm drivers, you will find out that there is that extra bass boost wherever you want it, in the music you are listening, without reduction in quality, making it your best buddy in travels. Price and release details of MS-100 Speakers and HS-W1 headsets from Asus haven’t been disclosed yet.

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