Asus unviels new Vulcan headphones

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Asus unviels new Vulcan headphones

The headphone market has a large variety of options including head phones for music or movie lovers, gamers etc. Each of the devices has specifications based on the user’s needs. The Asus Vulcan headphone is launched with the intention of targeting gamers who would like to get top notch sound clarity from the headphones.

Coming to the design of the device Asus Vulcan headphone is a bit in the bulky side. The earphone is sufficiently large and the band which holds the two ear phones is made of plastic but has metal reinforcements. The earphones are cushioned inside and are covered by a top quality fabric. The headband too has padding so you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing the headphones. The cushions are quite comfortable and even after hours of listening to music or games you won’t feel any discomfort. The whole set comes in a beautifully designed carrying pouch. The hinges in the headphone lets you fold them and enable to put it in the carrying pouch. The carrying pouch is very sturdy and it comes very handy while you are travelling. It also offers very good protection for the device.

Asus Vulcan headphone has two 40 mm drivers that give very high quality sound output. The device impedance is 32 ohms and it has a frequency response in between 10 and 20, 000 hertz. There is a detachable microphone provided in the device that can be easily plugged in. A single cable is there that extends up to the pc port and splits into two different 3.5mm connectors. This is also detachable so it will be very easy to carry the device around. The volume control which increase or decrease the headphone volume and also a switch for muting the microphone is present in it.

The notable feature in Asus Vulcan headphone is the active noise cancellation technology in it. But this requires the device to be powered from a single AAA battery. A small switch in the bottom of the headphone turns on the active noise cancellation feature. The battery is housed in the right part of the headphone and the case is well designed so it is very easy to change the batteries. Once the snap-on cover is closed there won’t be even a hint that a battery is present under it. The headphone is also well balanced so there is no weight concentration in one side. Even with the battery in the weight distribution of the device between the two earphones seems equal.

The sound coming from the device is very good and of very top notch quality. It can deliver all the low, mid and high end sounds with very good clarity. The bass response is also good but compared to other headphones dedicated for music the headphones may feel a bit lagging in fidelity. The main feature of the headphone is the active noise cancellation works exceptionally very well. The padding in the headphone gives a good insulation from the outside noise. This combined with the ANC technology prevents almost all ambient noise from getting in the way. This gives you a very good feeling like being immersed in music or games that you are playing. To know how noisy the outside world is, just try switching off the ANC and the difference in sound quality is immediately felt. The power output from the device is also too good that there won’t be a situation where you need to turn the device to its full volume.

Asus Vulcan headphone comes with a price tag of around Rs.7, 000/- in India.

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