Audible Rush Launches Stereo Bicycle Music Dock

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Audible Rush Launches Stereo Bicycle Music Dock
Audible Rush is introducing a new stereo dock for Smartphones embedded with a speaker and a USB charger for quick charging. The new feature rich stereo dock for bicycles, jogging strollers, etc. will be the first of its kind to give out clarity sound out. The idea of listening to music while riding a bicycle is not old, but unfortunately there hasn't been an effective solution for it until now. Plugging in ear phones for music play is possible though but it is not recommended since the listener is thus completely unaware of his environment or even the horning sound from a vehicle behind. This can be dangerous. With the new unit, it is now possible to hear crystal clear sound from the music player in the dock provided for it.

The new Audible Rush Stereo Music Dock Handlebar bag for MP3 players and Phones will be a very helpful companion for those who doesn't want to get separated from the world of music even while going for a ride in bicycles. There won't be any safety problem since the rider will be free to listen to his environments too. The dock comes with two embedded speakers that is claimed to be a superior performer by its manufactures. The sound system comes with a digital 12 volt amplifier that beats many car stereos that's available in the market. The volume controls and other controllers are arranged within an easy reach of the user which makes it easy for the operator. The Audible Rush dock supports even high end audio players like iPhone, iPods, and other Android phones that are now widely available in the markets.

Manufacturers of new Audible Rush Bicycle stereo are aware of the high end music players that are now released consistently in the markets. But they have their own reasons to believe why their product is going to make it top in the markets. First of all the company has to be appreciated for solving the long suffered trouble of not having an effective arrangement to make music listening an awesome experience while on a ride on bicycles just like the in-house listening experience. All the similar purpose gadgets and docks now available in the market are not up to the mark. But that changes from now on, with the new innovative Audible Rush multipurpose Music Gear now available in the online stores. What makes it even more interesting will be its low price in India, the further details of which are not yet available.

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