Avid Announces New Music Products

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Avid Announces New Music Products
Avid, a NASDAQ listed company pioneering in the manufacturing of state of the art music products has never failed in launching innovative products that provides best in class experience to the users who loves music. They are known for launching products that are compact in size at the same time providing the bass as well as quality sound effects that can match the industry standards. The latest products to be launched by Avid include Fast Track C400 as well as Fast Track C600 which is mainly meant for the professional music industry as well as the student community also. Both provide superb sound quality as well as self controlling options within your palms of your hands. It makes use of the Pro tools MP software.

Both Avid Fast Track C400 as well as Fast Track 600 comes with a lot of user friendly features. It comes with a studio-quality audio interface which provides exceptional sound quality more than the users would expect. It also provides hands on user control facility in which you can control the sound level as well as increase the bass or decrease the bass level and you can bring modifications in the sound level by using these hands on control options. The design is so enthusiastic providing more space as far as the desktop of this music system is concerned.

Fast track C600 as well as Avid Fast Track C400 makes use of a multi button technology which can be used for assigning hands-on software control. It is mainly beneficial as far as the musicians are concerned. One additional feature present in the Fast track C600 is the presence of a re-assignable transport control. The sound quality in both the music systems has been improved dramatically from the previous versions by the implementation of improved and well designed superior converters. Performance had also been improved by the introduction of redesigned analog signal paths. It also makes use of 24-bit with a 96 KHz audio fidelity which provides an improvised sound experience.

Other features included in Avid Fast Track C600 as well as Avid Fast Track C400 is the presence of an intuitive monitor management system which is really meant for the musicians to rate and identify their music mixes on multiple sets that really enhances the mixes translation very well. It also makes use of an Onboard MX core DSP technology which provides an improvised performance and also enhances low latency monitoring without affecting the host computer.

Both Avid Fast Track C600 as well as Avid Fast Track C400 is mainly meant for the recordings that are happening in the music industry owing to the perfection it can provide in the recording section.

The price in India tag of Avid Fast Track C400 ranges from Rs.8,000 up to Rs.9,000 where as the price in India list of Avid Fast Track C600 ranges from Rs.12,500 up to Rs.13,500 respectively.

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