Beats Wireless And Mixr Headphones Launched

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Beats Wireless And Mixr Headphones Launched
Renowned headphone manufacturer Beats by Dre has launched two new headsets - Beats Wireless and Beats Mixr.

Headphones are vital devices for music lovers. Ever since they've been available decades ago in the music world and available for an attractive price, they've been a vital ingredient of musical appreciation. As the genre of loud rock music entered the scene, music lovers embraced headsets as symbols or privacy and freedom. They may be walking through crowded streets, travelling in buses or high speed trains, or hitching a ride on a motorbike, but they can be transported to a different world by these innocent looking headsets.

The walkman came with headsets first followed by mobile MP3 players, mobile phones, iPods, iPhones and other smartphones, tablets and laptops. But the quality of dedicated headphones for musical appreciation is quite unique, and for hardcore music lovers that makes a world of difference. Beats by Dre has been catering to such hardcore fans with great headphones. If there is one issue with headphones, it's the wires that hang about, causing a minor botheration while moving about. But wireless and Bluetooth enabled headsets have catered to the need.

Beats Wireless and Mixr are the first new products launched by Beats by Dre following the acquisition by HTC, the smartphone company. Beats Wireless is a departure from tradition of wire-connected headsets and is a Bluetooth enabled wireless connectivity device. With the controls placed in the earpiece, you are totally free with no wires or anything else to hook on to your clothes. The Bluetooth is powerful enough and you can control the playback even when the device from which you're listening - such as smartphone or USB music stick - is tucked in your backpack or pocket.

Beats Mixr is Beats by Dre's contribution to DJs. This is a headset providing quality sound for mixing music. What makes it recommendable is that is designed with practical customer needs in mind. Dr. Dre has tied up with DJ David Guetta for designing Beats Mixr. An example of the amazing user-friendliness is the earpiece that can swivel 180 degrees so that the DJ can listen to what's going on outside.

David Guetta claims that with the Beat Mixr and beats wireless there is now a headset for the DJ as well as the common user. The sound quality is reported to be much better than other headphones. Guetta claims the sound doesn't seem to get distorted whatever be the volume of the music played.

With Beats Wireless and beats mixr, Beats by Dre has introduced high quality and advanced headsets to the market, catering to every need a music fan and DJ may experience. Beats by Dre hasn't released the price in India for the headset models yet.

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