Belkin Releases Banish Home Theater System

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Belkin Releases Banish Home Theater System
Belkin has announced new launch of wireless home theater products.

Belkin, established in 1983 in California as Belkin International Inc is one of the leading company which delivers high quality connectivity solutions. In the past 25 years the company has made innumerous contribution in the digital and electronic world. Belkin has always perfect solution for their customers, so that they can experience hassle free entertainment at their home, car, etc.

The latest launch is to help the users manage their HDTV without any problem. It is quite difficult for us to manage the cables and wires while connecting the computer, television or any other electronic devices with adapter. Belkin is keen to deliver a perfect product to put an end to such troubles. With the release of the latest wireless AV to HDTV adapter you can now place your Television anywhere in your room and enjoy watching.

The Adapter is well engineered to deliver wireless connectivity. With this you can connect four home theater devices at a time. This will also allow the HDTV to be connected to other systems even if it is kept 100 feet away.

The product named ScreenCast AV 4 is well engineered and has a transmitter which connects your device to HDMI connections and is also very simple to be installed. The purpose of the transmitter is to locate AV. It is well designed to locate the AV even if it is far away and that is why this particular product is so unique. As installation is very simple and impressive the user will not find any difficulty in using the product.

As far as features are concerned apart from the wireless facility the ScreenCast AV 4 will provide the user with the best quality sound with high definition clarity and stereo effect. Moreover it can also make you happier with the latest technological advancement included in it to give you 5.1 channel surround sound and 3D video effect.

Not yet finished, there are much more. The devices also include an excellent remote control which gets connected to the adapter with infrared signals. This remote control will leverage the facility of the user to avail the facility sitting anywhere in your room. You need not require moving every time towards the ScreenCast AV 4 to change the settings as per your requirement. ScreenCast AV 4 is a best choice for everyone. People who are looking forward to have a perfect home theater system can always depend on ScreenCast AV 4 without any doubt. The product is perfect for anyone to own at a reasonable price in India.

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