Bluetooth music receiver from Weezy

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 Bluetooth music receiver from Weezy

Weezy manufactured by Eikon, is probably one with the coolest and most unique looking, among all types of Speaker connectors. Weezy is pretty small and it would fit in the palm of your hand. When you look at it, the work ‘weird’ might probably go through your mind. But although, it’s a bit weird, the design is unique and the gadget is awesome. Weezy Bluetooth connector has an LED, which is a pretty decently built combo of a few good electronics and a great Bluetooth receiver.

Basically, Weezy’s an unsophisticated gadget which can take in music streams from Bluetooth compatible devices, keep them in the form of music, and feed them to a speaker via the 3.5 mm stereo jack.


  • Unique attractive design with an LED light

  • Small in size, hence portable

  • 3.5mm audio stereo jack at variable line level

  • Very easy to connect to amplifiers in Hi-fi music system

  • Acts as a virtual cable which connects any Bluetooth enabled music streaming device to your speaker system

  • Good quality in the line of sight of Bluetooth devices

  • Pretty cheap

  • Uncompressed media streaming unlike a few other connectors.

  • Simple to operate


  • Range of the Weezy is quite low

  • Not much in quality and lower than that of CD players

Weezy Bluetooth-Speaker connector has a few major downsides, but it works surprisingly fine with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and Netbooks. One thing, which makes the technology that Weezy uses, significant is that this small device lets you connect latest Smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth feature, to old model speaker systems. The 3.5mm connector jack in this device lets it get connected to speaker system amplifiers of all shapes and sizes.

Weezy Bluetooth speaker connector needs to be carefully handled because it’s not that much durable, which is explained by its small size. One good fall is enough to completely destroy Weezy from the inside out. But criticizing it cell by cell isn’t quite fair as theprice device offers pretty awesome performance, although it’s easy to operate and available at a cheap price tag.

As per a lot of reviews, Weezy works better in micro-devices like smartphones, tablets etc compared to major Bluetooth devices. The bright side is that using Weezy would relieve you from plugging in a lot of cables, setting up the devices etc. The moment, the Bluetooth connectivity in a device is turned on; Weezy detects it, connects with it and starts streaming the music from it via the amplifiers of your choice. It can be directly purchased from the Eikon Weezy official website for a price of about Rs 4,000/- approximately in India.

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