BMW 6 Series To Have New Audio System

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BMW 6 Series To Have New Audio System
Bayerische Motoren Werke, is the full form of World famous and one of the most reputed and successful automobile manufacturing companies; the BMW. BMW 6 series automobiles have been accepted and desired worldwide and are the one true love of many automobile fanatics. Everything is perfect in these cars and that is just one among many of the factors which make them so much desirable. BMW makes sure that there is excellent quality even in the smallest and superficial screws. Guess how they consider the audio systems in their products?

BMW 6 series Coupe and Cabriolet will now come with uber cool Hi-end surround sound audio systems by Bang & Olufsen. These systems apparently make use of the latest cutting edge technology called Dirac Dimensions which genuinely enhances the sound quality and audibility in stereo and surround sound effects by making use of the 3D sound field control and effectively utilizing all of the 16 Loudspeakers built inside the car giving the users an incredible and unexplainably amazing experience as they reach the zenith of pleasure and thrill while driving the magnificent BMW.

Dirac Dimensions technology also brilliantly makes the most of the speakers by reproducing the sound from the vehicle's sound system and improves them to match that of home theatre systems. The passenger portion of the vehicle is emulated as an environment relative to sound and would absolutely make the passengers feel that the sound is heard real time. To deliver the ultimate acoustic experience, Dirac Dimensions optimises impulse responses, acoustic output of speakers, frequency responses, spatial attributes, etc and combine all the features to provide the most marvelous audio output and feel.

The acoustic properties of the BMW vehicles' interior have been analysed by the Sound Engineers of Dirac Dimensions teaming up with the BMW engineers. Based on the analysis, the engineers develop the best lay out of an optimal environment apt for listening to music. They use the Dirac Dimensions Room Editor feature to serve this purpose and will then determine the best positions for placing virtual speakers which enhances the acoustic experience. The final touch will make sure that the sound is accurately decoupled from the car's loudspeakers and see to it that the music reaches every nook and corner of the car extending beyond its compartments in all directions. This is the first sound field synthesis technology in the World and has never been tried before in any vehicles. Those who are lucky enough to own a BMW 6 series Cabriolet or Coupe will know what is Nirvana when they are inside the car with its audio systems turned on.

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