Bose Bluetooth Series 2

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Bose Bluetooth Series 2
The Bose Bluetooth series 2 looks similar to the original Bose Bluetooth headset and it weighs about 48 ounces. It is made out of amalgamation of shiny black plastic and matte. It has got a line that runs around the corners of the headset. At the top there is a multi function call button along with the volume controls on the top as well as a sliding power button on the bottom part that functions smoothly. There are LED lights on the back of the headset which implies the status of the Bluetooth connection and battery life. The charge left on the battery can be known from the flash indicator which exhibits green, yellow or red colour.

Bose Bluetooth series 2 head set comes with a wall adapter, small, medium and large tips, USB charger etc. The original head set that was previously marketed by Bose suits only the right ear. But the series 2 offers head sets for both right and left ears. Series 2 also uses the same StayHear tips as that of Bose IE2 earphones. StayHear tips forms a snug which fits securely in the inner portion of the ear. This head set is suitable for those people who wear it continuously for long hours.

When the Bose Bluetooth series 2 head set is put on for the first time it automatically set to the pairing mode. For successive pairings, the call button of the head set has to be pressed and hold for five seconds. This has to be done in order to discover the device. Pairing can be done by tapping on "search for head set" in Bluetooth menu settings.

The voice quality of the Bose Bluetooth series 2 head set is excellent. Volume can be increased to a very high level without even compromising to the richness of the sound. Noise cancellation has not reached on par with the Jawbone Era but the callers are not affected when call comes from a noisier back ground. Coming to the battery life, it offers a talk time of five hours and forty six minutes. Bose, the manufacturers of this head set claims that Series 2 head sets adjusts automatically in a noisy environment.

Bose Bluetooth series 2 headsets excels with A2DP sound quality. This head set sounds like a wired earphone while listening to streaming audio and music. It is expected to be made available in the Indian markets at a price in India range of Rs 6750.

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