Boss Launches Boss BC2 Combo Drive Pedal

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Boss Launches Boss BC2 Combo Drive Pedal
All these cool new gadgets and gizmos coming in from everywhere are sure to drive a hardcore Gizmo buffs crazy. One of the coolest new gadgets launched recently is the Boss BC2 Combo Drive Pedal. The Boss BC2 combo drive is a new addition to the legendary array of overdrive category compact pedals. This device supposedly recreates music, namely the British sound of low wattage and transforms it to Boss compact pedal form.

The Boss BC2 is able to generate amplified British sound tones and it does so in a compact pedal form. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In the 1970s, this type of amp device combo with dual speaker boosts gained great prominence and was a must-need for many a lot of famous guitarists. They just stomp the amp device while they play and the sound becomes amplified and cool and the listeners would go wild. The Boss BC2 is very easy to use and comes with a variable sound driven by tubes. The feel of listening to the Brit combo into just one pedal is exquisite. Everyone likes the part when the clear but wavering tunes transform to a wild, seductive distortion, which is usually termed as the shift to the Overdrive.

Years ago, many popular guitarists used a technique to boost the original amplification using devices called ‘gain boosters'. This is done so as to attain a critical lead tone, which maintains its strength for some time. The BC2 can be considered awesome because it facilitates that feature, but in a bit more enhanced version. The BC2 Pedal comes with a sound knob. Using the sound knob multiple parameters can be altered simultaneously and dynamically from a wide array of tones ranging from classic clean tones to raunchy overdrives sustaining for a lot of time. The sound knobs respond very well and so are easily adjustable.

With all these tunes it can generate, BC2 can apply the British combo to any rig ranging from club blasting tunes to mega monster stacks. Boss is world famous for the audio output in their products and the BC2 Combo Drive Pedal also has incredible audibility. Besides the sound output, the BC2 is very durable and well constructed that it will be fine even after decades of stomping.

The Boss BC2 Combo Drive Pedal will be out in September and is expected to have price in India of Rs 6,500/- price tag. Stomp the box, adjust the settings and enjoy unique Music in its purest form.

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