BT 860 Headphone Gaining Popularity

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BT 860 Headphone Gaining Popularity
BT 860 headphone promoted by NuForce is getting popularity day to day and being widely accepted across the globe. The NuForce BT 860 headphone is today considered as a far ahead product while compared to other Bluetooth headphones in the market. The manufacturers have incorporated the most new innovative Bluetooth Version 2.1 in the headset so that the users can get it connected with higher range.

BT 860 headphone is an excellent product which can receive crystal clear quality sounds from Bluetooth enabled gadgets such as Mobile phones and even MP3 players. You can also connect this with the stereo players and PC's with Bluetooth facility.

Out of the various features, the remarkable one is the hands-free operations which will leverage the uses to be relaxed and enjoy hurdle free headphone experience. The device has an additional feature known as A2DP, which is the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile which is supported by the Bluetooth to enrich the sound as well as to avoid noise disturbance. Other features ensured by the company are outstanding stereo sound and high-performance transducers. The Volume-and-track-control button will help you to adjust the volume at ease as well as control the tracks at you comfort. Moreover the inbuilt microphone is of far above the ground quality according to the company.

BT 860 headphone also holds the power of fully loaded audio bandwidth along with facility to minimise the issues related to low coding of audio outputs.

Well, apart from these features there are immense specifications also which enriches the overall performance of the device. The dimension of the headset is 155 x 157 x 38 mm along with the weight of just 103 grams. If we look into the frequency response of the gadget, it is 20 Hz to 22k Hz along with a good enough dynamic range of 16 bit to 92 dB. Another most exciting part would be the remote control features to enhance your hands free experience. You can use this feature to enhance your various requirements such as play, pause and also you can use it for volume control. Most excitingly you can use this gadget at a distance of 10 m that is 33 ft from the Bluetooth enabled gadget in with which it is pared.

All these functions and futures are only available if better battery power is available. So the importance of efficient power management system is inevitable. Here, in the case of BT 860 head phone the battery has been powered to enhance the operating time of the gadget up to 9 hours for talk time and 8 hours for music. The price in India of BT 860 headphone is just Rs. 3,900.

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