Co Branded Xbox 360 Gaming Headset Arrives

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Co Branded Xbox 360 Gaming Headset Arrives
Tritton is a pioneer in the manufacture of audio products with exceptional sound quality that differentiates this brand name from other competitors in the market. The latest news that is making headlines is that Tritton has teamed up with technology major Microsoft in releasing the first Co-branded XBOX 360 Gaming headset that comes with superior sound quality experience. The headset has been named Detonator which as the name suggests has exceptional bass effects.

The design of Co-branded XBOX 360 Gaming headset is absolutely quite modern with a black finish and the box clearly has the logo represented in it. The headset is absolutely comfortable with soft cover that has been made of plastic on to the headband which in fact shows the user friendly features that this product processes. The headset can also be adjusted up to a maximum of 1.25 inches on either side as you wish depending up on your comfortability. The curved cups give an astonishingly modern looks for the headset.

The microphone of Co-branded XBOX 360 Gaming headset is very flexible and it is very robust in performance. You can bend the micro phone also but it won't make any impact on the quality of the microphones. For easier connectivity, the headset and mic is accompanied by an in-line controller and also an analog audio adapter as well as a headset connector cable. The headset also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack that is used for the connection of the inline controller in to the headset. The step by step procedure for the connection is easily explained in the user manual that comes with the headset. The headset also is embedded with a silver branding of Co-branded XBOX 360 gaming headset.

Co-branded XBOX 360 Gaming headset also makes use of 50mm drivers that amplifies the specified detonator. The in game audio it comprises also provides balanced sound effects. The headset in fact provides exceptional realistic sound effects. The bass is so perfect that it almost provides very cinematic digital sound effects while playing games like Ace Combat etc. The in-line controller comes with two dials on the sides which acts as a clear barrier that puts apart the game and chat volume that helps the users in gaining clear lead over the opponents at the time of combats while playing by reducing the volume. Co-branded XBOX 360 has been designed in such a way as to be comfortable to wear for the long gaming sessions.

The price in India tag of Co-branded XBOX360 Gaming headset is approximately Rs.5, 000.

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