Convert your iPhone to walkman with the all new Audman case

Posted By: Rahul

Convert your iPhone to walkman with the all new Audman case

Sony walkmans revolutionized the audio segment. From its introduction in 1979 the device was a sure hit and went through many generations of evolution. From portable cassette players the walkman series evolved into portable CD and DVD players. Now they consist of a series of digital music players as well as Walkman series of phone by Sony Ericsson. No matter how much time has passed by, the Walkman still has a huge fan following. Many still prefer the retro analog music players to today’s modern devices.

One another electronic device that created a market stir up was the Apples iPhone. No matter how many new phones come into the market most of them could not hold a candle to Apples brand value as well iPhone’s functionality. So what if you get a chance to combine the looks of a Walkman to an iPhone.

That is exactly what the carrying case Audman does. Even though there are a lot of iPhone case designs Audman stands apart from the crowd in its functionality and design.


  • Amazing design

  • Compact

  • Analog styled buttons in the cover

  • Integrated speakers

Audman combines good audio features and beautiful design into a small amazing package. It comes in a variety of colours including vibrant ones like red and blue. Usually one needs to have a second look to make sure that it is not actually a walk man. That much details has been included in the case. The build quality is also amazing and is made of high quality ABS plastic.

The cover is also very simple to use. Just slide in your iphone in it and the device is automatically locked into position. There are two integrated speakers at the rear side of the device. So you won’t need to carry an additional set of portable speakers. The speakers offer some pretty descent quality sound too.

Audman case consists of a high capacity battery in it. The battery is rechargeable type and it is used to power up the speakers. The same batteries can be used to charge the phone while it is in it. This makes it a travel charger too. There are dual headphone jacks on either side of the case. So ease of use is guaranteed and you can even share music with a friend. The most notable feature is the analog styled buttons. The controls are linked directly to the iPhones volume controls and music manipulation features. There is a belt clip in the rear side just like a conventional walkman. It also doubles up as a stand.

Audman case comes with price tag of about Rs.6,500 and the Audman LT has a price tag of about more than Rs.4 500/- in India.

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