Cool MOS005 headphones unveiled

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Cool MOS005 headphones unveiled

Ministry of Sound, with its years of experience in manufacturing electronic sound devices, has grown in popularity and reputation. They have recently launched one of the coolest looking headsets, coming with the trademark acoustic quality and audibility of Ministry of Sound.

Ministry of Sound is celebrating its successful 20th anniversary and has apparently decided to present a new headphone range for their fans, which offers all the acoustic features which made MOS, the best and premium Electronics Company when it comes to sound devices. The new MOS headphones come in 3 different models over-ear, in-ear headphones and on-trend trendy colour headphones.

The headphones look pretty stylish and come in packages which are more stylish. What seems attractive in MOS005 headphones is the Ministry of Sounds’ silver-black logo. The ear pads look pretty awesome and will make you excited to use them. The headphone cables are anti- tangle and rubberized. The top portion of the headphones has a thin and light metal, which can bend and fit smoothly over your head. The anti tangle rubberized cables make it clear that the probability of tears in the cable is considerably less.

Features of MOS005 headphones:

  • Light in weight

  • Adjustable and comfortable

  • Great audio quality because of the 50mm driver diameter

  • Great design that can be folded for easy storage

  • 3.5mm standard jack

  • Aluminium housing

  • 32 Ohms impedance

  • 1.5m long anti-tangle rubberized cable

  • 103 dB sensitivity

The MOS005 headphones have a brilliant design which comes in handy when you put it in your bag as the headphones can be folded without damaging them. The impedance is 32 Ohms which is higher than many other headphones. Because of this high impedance, MOS005 headphones offer great audibility with flawless audio quality.


You will feel a slight discomfort with the ear pads in your ear after a few hours of usage

Bass is good but not at a very impressive level

Not very effective in high frequencies

Stressing the cable for too long every time you use it might cause some problems

Conclusively, Ministry of Sounds’ new headphones can be categorized as the perfect outdoor accessory, with some great acoustic capabilities. These headphones are definitely impressive in features and in style. Also, you will a bit irritated by the ear pads if they are worn over your ears for a few hours.

MOS005 headphone is expected to have a price tag of less than Rs 2,000/- in India.

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