Creative Zen X-Fi3 Media Player Announced

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Creative Zen X-Fi3 Media Player Announced
Apple's IPods have been selling like hotcakes in the markets for so long. Although, almost everyone in the World likes to own one, people also like to go for something different, something other than an IPod, something more versatile. Fortunately something of that caliber has been brought into existence by Creative Technology Ltd., a world renowned Singapore based company which manufactures electronic devices for entertainment. Creative has creatively created Zen X-Fi3, a media player which will make Apple's IPod Nano seem like a toy.

Having a small dimension of just 65 x 45.5 x 12.5mm, Creative Zen X-Fi3 looks tiny but very cool. Zen X-Fi3 has a 2 inch screen and the display is just immaculate. The LCD screen even looks pretty cool and has a screen size of 640 x 480 pixels in 262k colors. When planning to buy a media player, there will be concern among the consumers about the storage capacity. Consumers would obviously need a lot of storage space to save their favorite music tracks and videos. Zen X-Fi3 offers up to 16 GB of storage and also comes with just 8 GB for a lower price. But that's just not it. Don't be disappointed just yet thinking Creative Zen X-Fi3 has only 16 GB storage. MicroSD card slots are present in the device, which can support a microSD of 32 GB size in addition to the 8 or 16 GB built-in memory.

What good is a media player if it doesn't facilitate FM radio? Creative Zen X-Fi3 features FM radio as well. A cool media player can be cooler if it comes bundled with an awesome headset as well. The X-Fi3 media player kit includes a headset by Creative which is sure to make you tap your feet as soon as you start playing the music. Besides, the media player itself has integrated speakers with alarming audibility and impressive sound quality; one of Creative's trademarks. Record voices and have fun with the bundled Microphones. If you require audio or video files from another device, which has Bluetooth, then just use the 2.1v Bluetooth of the Creative Zen X-Fi3 to connect and receive files from other devices.

Creative has embedded their latest technology called Creative X-Fi Crystallizer reproduces the degree of output lost in an audio file while ripping it from CDs and also improves sound quality to great extents. The X-Fi expand feature can make it seem like the music is coming from speakers far away from your position while you are using the headphone. Video formats like WMV9, MPEG4-SP, and AVI (DivX4/5, XviD) are supported. The device supports a lot of audio files as well including flac, Audible 4 and WAV, besides Mp3 and WMA. The player's fully charged battery supports 20 hours of continuous music play back and 5 hours of video playback. The price in India for the Creative Zen X-Fi3 is not out yet, but will be fair and square for the 8 GB version, priced at Rs 4,500; and the 16 GB version at Rs 6,300.

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