Cute shaped Striva headsystem from Koss

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Cute shaped Striva headsystem from Koss

Koss is a well known company famous for the budget friendly products offered in the headphone category. The latest news that is making headlines across the international market includes the launch of what is considered to be the first line-up of headphones that are expected to make use of Wi-Fi technology. With Wi-Fi technology, these headphones will be capable of receiving music directly from the internet without using wires.

Key Features

  • Budget-Friendly

  • Over-ear Pro Model

  • In-ear Tap Model

  • Gesture Controls

  • Extra Portability

  • Utmost Comfortability

  • Microprocessors used instead of wires

  • Microprocessors ensure that stereo signals are staying in sync

  • Superior Quality

  • Koss Core

  • MyKoss server Provides varied audio streams

  • Music management software used for enhanced listening experience

  • Content Access Point ensures enhanced wireless listening

  • Content Access Point comes as Match-Sized

  • Cute and attractive design

  • User-Friendly Characteristics

One of the most notable among them includes the over-ear pro model that is embedded with gesture controls that are designed for the volume as well as channel adjustments. Another important model is the in-ear set also known as tap. This facilitates extra portability.

The major attraction of the taps is that it does not make use of any wires; instead microprocessors are used inside each of the ear pieces. These microprocessors ensure that the stereo signal is staying right in sync. Both the devices are sure to impress the users with its cute design and superior quality.

Both the Striva models features Koss Core which is considered to be microprocessors that are powered by battery which is further coupled with Wi-Fi components. With the presence of MyKoss server, the content can be obtained with ease from varied free audio streams.

The listening can be enhanced as well as customized with the implementation of music management software. Both the models also arrive with a Content Access Point that is matchbook sized that allows the users to create a Wi-Fi hub of sorts for enabling wireless listening at any location.

Both Tap as well as Pro models from Koss is available for purchase now. The Striva Tap model comes with a price range of approximately Rs. 27,000/- where as the Striva Pro model arrives with a price range of Rs. 24,000/-. Both the cute shaped devices are expected to take the international market by storm at the same time providing increased competition for the competitors.

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