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Posted By: Rahul

In this changing scenario every company is looking forward to have an eco friendly product. People are more conscious on the issues related to environmental hazardous products. And as a result the demand for eco friendly products is increasing across the globe. Well to enrich the eco-friendly life style of people EOps has come up with an Eco edition headphone known as Noisezero O+.

The company has decided to give a new dimension to the music gadgets produce by them without compromising the sound quality for which they are known for. The purpose of the Noisezero headphone is to provide an Eco friendly life style product with impressive quality. The specialty of Noisezero O+ is that it is built using recycled materials. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, the product is specially designed with Recycled materials. The materials used are recycled stainless steel along with aluminum. Moreover the manufacturers have also incorporated cornstarch bio-plastics in it. All this additions to the headphone make Noisezero O+ a perfect Eco product to be owned. Its is not just about the eco friendly materials in Noisezero O+; it is also about the sound quality it can produce, which makes more users attracted towards Noisezero O+. Yes, the product is also well engineered to produce high quality sound and to enrich music listening experience of the users.

The ear cups of Noisezero O+ are easily compactable and will provide the users better experience compared to the other headphones available. The headphone is also flexible and comes in two different colors. The design is very pleasing and you will love to own one. Noisezero O+ is also featured with 50 mm titanium-Coated HD driver. It is added to produce pleasing sound for the users. The HD drive is also enriched with iron-boron magnet which ensures voice clarity. To get the best audio outcome you can use it with iPod and iPhone. It also ensures voice cancellation.

Along with Noisezero O+ the manufacturers are also planning to launch another Ear buds known as Noisezero i+. Noisezero i+ is also designed with the earlier told eco friendly materials.

It is also having technological advancement such as the inline remote to ensure that it will produce quality sound. The product is also enhanced with a unique design to make sure that the earbuds firmly enter into the ear canal and fits over there.

Well, both Noisezero i+ and Noisezero O+ are expected to become trendy in the market within no time. At present it seems like pretty earlier to comment on the price tag with which Noisezero O+ will enter into the market.

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