Ed Hardy launching tattoo inspired headphones

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Ed Hardy launching tattoo inspired headphones

Ed Hardy needs no introductions. The brand name itself is a statement of style and trend and has got fans world wide. The designers of tattoo inspired clothing line are one among the top producers of design T-shirts and other related accessories. Now Ed Hardy is into some thing that has never been guessed to be the next venture of the manufacturers, Ear phones!

Ed Hardy clothing has in common its metal based writing prints over the cloth like golden, silver etc mainly glorifying the brand name large and clear. Now one can guess what Ed hardy is really intended when they set their foot in the ear phone and head set industry. You guessed it right if it was tattoo inspired head phones that flashed in your mind. Ed Hardy lovers is excited and is eagerly waiting for the Ed Hardy head phones and ear sets that is sure to go well with brand clothing.

The initial promotional images released under the name Ed Hardy clearly has the name signature shining with pride all over the ear piece and body covers. As if the head sets have been carved out of an Ed Hardy T shirt, the design and prints are obviously similar to the very familiar Ed Hardy print features. Hence it’s undoubtedly considered to repeat the success Ed Hardy has achieved in the textile industry.


  • 40mm speakers

  • Frequency range of 20hz- 20 kHz

  • Impedance is 32 ohms

The gadget freaks will be more interested in the technical details of the head phones and to their disappointment there isn’t any thing new or special that they would find here. But how can it be bad when the over ear head phones features a 40mm speakers with a frequency range of 20hz- 20 kHz. The expected impedance is 32 ohms. They will be made available in two unique designs, namely the Tiger or Skull and Bones.

The price is expected to be more than Rs. 3,000 in India. The in ear head phones mean while will feature 8 mm speakers with the frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 18 kHz. It will have an impedance of 32 ohms .All the in ear head phones will come in blue, golden or black colors. But the audio quality will never be an issue considering the style and design the manufacturers have introduced in the head sets. The Ed Hardy fans are definitely the aimed customers who are most definitely going to add it up to their Ed Hardy collection.

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