EMP Tek extends the impressive Impression series speaker line

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EMP Tek extends the impressive Impression series speaker line

Home entertainment systems are always in hot demand but if they’re priced competitively it makes them even more popular among consumers who crave perfection but can’t quite afford the high end products.

EMP Tek, has added three new speakers to its Impression Series line-up. These include the ES1010i Powered Subwoofer, E56Ci Centre Channel and E55Wi Surround Speakers.

EMP (Engineered Music Products) was born in 2007, founded by professionals with rich experience in the field, having designed and manufactured loudspeakers for various major brands. EMP’s products are known for their research-based innovation and quality. Unlike other home theatre system and loudspeaker manufacturers, EMP focuses on delivering products that speak for themselves rather than extensively spending resources on marketing.

Impression Series has been EMP’s high-tech but affordable home theatre system offering high performance that is accessible to a greater section of the buying public. The model range consists of powered subwoofers and matching bookshelf speaker, two sleek towers, on-wall surround speaker and centre channels.

The body of these speakers is exquisitely designed with either black wood finish having a black high gloss baffle, or the red high gloss burl.

Among the technological elements of Impression Series are the poly-matrix cone woofers and the poly-matrix aluminized cone midrange woofer. With these flex-resistant cones, audio signals are accurately reproduced resulting in great audio quality. Flawless high and upper-mid frequencies are delivered by the fabric dome 1-inch tweeter which is prevented from being over-driven with the help of an incorporated device limiting current known as a polyswitch. The tweeter is able to handle higher power thanks to magnetic liquid cooling.

Within every Impression Series speaker, EMP has ensured there is the lowest number of components in the crossover network in order to reduce irregularities in driver interaction and help each driver to maximize its potential in accurate reproduction of its respective frequency band. Efficient connection is ensured by the five-way high quality binding posts.

Back to the new Impression Series additions, the E56Ci centre channel speaker has two midrange 5.25-inch drivers, two 6.5-inch woofers as well as a frequency response of 40Hz to 20 kHz. This perfectly complements the E55Ti tower speakers already on offer.

The other new addition, the E55Wi wall mounted surround speaker, does manage to deliver a great sound. It features a unique bi-polar trapezoidal design that helps in a more natural distribution of immersive sound and direction. The E55Wi has a frequency response of 65Hz to 20 kHz and contains two one-inch tweeters and 5.25-inch woofers each.

The ES1010i is a powered subwoofer that provides optimum bass. Its twin 10-inch woofers are supported by double 3-inch ports. These help extend the bass response to 30Hz. ES1010i also features an RMS-rated 250-watt amplifier.

These products are available for purchase from EMP Tek online. The price for the E56Ci centre channel amounts to around Rs. 22,560 while the E55WI has a price tag equivalent to Rs. 25,000 per pair. The ES1010i subwoofer is priced at around Rs. 30,000. Shipping to India could cost more.

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