Enjoy music with the Scosche BoomCan music speakers

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Enjoy music with the Scosche BoomCan music speakers

Scosche BoomCAN music speaker makes a new revolution in the field of portable music players. Gone are the days of using bulky and wired speakers around the gadgets. The technological advancements have led to development of portable USB speakers with greater sound quality. BoomCAN speakers can produce much louder, clearer and more dynamic booming sound which has attracted the hearts of music lovers. It is compatible with almost all the latest technology devices like iPhone, iPod as well as iPad. It is also compatible with Laptops, Android Devices and more. The round speakers are available in the markets in different colours such as red, silver and also in black. More attracting are the red and the blue colours.

The speaker device has got an extremely compact design of under 2 inches width & less than 2.5 inches height. The light weight speaker has a simple design that includes a speaker on top that lets out the high fidelity audio, mini-USB port for charging, a 3.5 mm audio output jack for connecting several speakers together and an audio input/output combined. Despite its small size, the speaker feels solid with its aluminium housing. A blue LED light indicates when the speaker is switched on. A 3.5mm audio out port & mini-USB port are the only two connectivity options. The tiny size helps it to fit conveniently in the back pocket or purse.

The music speaker produces good quality sound & volume improving the overall experience of music. The amplification and spacious quality makes it louder, clearer, adds and carries much more bass frequencies than normal speakers. The device produces mono output rather than stereo. Scosche BoomCAN music speaker uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has 300mAh capacity. The mini-USB port can be used for charging the battery. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge and has a playback time of 4-7 hours.

Enjoy music with the Scosche BoomCan music speakers

Scosche BoomCAN music is extremely portable, which is its greatest advantage. The simple design, tiny size, light weight and the 7 hour playback time of the rechargeable battery makes it easy to be used as a companion with a laptop, MP3 player, etc. For even better experience, Scosche has left a 3.5mm out port on the boomCAN itself so as to connect two or more speakers together. This option of cascading multiple cans is one of the most important features of Scosche BoomCAN music speaker.

The music box comes with a BoomCAN speaker, Audio / charge cable which is a mini-USB, a printed instruction guide and a soft carrying pouch. It also has a high quality built-in Lithium-Ion battery which is used for charge storage. For those who want to share their music, movies and video chats with others on their laptops or phone etc, the BoomCAN portable speakers offers an excellent choice. This superior quality device is now available in markets at price lesser than Rs. 2,000.

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