Enjoy the wireless experience with Arriva Leo wireless Bluetooth headset

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Enjoy the wireless experience with Arriva Leo wireless Bluetooth headset

All those daily commuters out there who would like to listen to music on the go can sometimes find wired headsets a bit disturbing. It is because of the possibility that the wires may get tangled up among themselves or sometimes with other objects and you will always have to be careful to see that this doesn’t happen. The only solution to this problem is to use a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Leo wireless Bluetooth headset from Arriva can be an apt choice for you if you want wireless good quality music on the move. The device comes in a carrying case made up of hard foam and the headset fits beautifully in it. So even though you are not listening to music it will be very easy to carry it around.

There are three sets of ear bud covers that also come with the package. Among the three, two sets have loop like structures that protrude from it and these structure ensure the most accurate fit while in your ears. These protrusions look confusing but do not cause any disturbance in ear and are very good and comfortable for listening to long hours of music.

The main control unit of the Leo wireless Bluetooth headset sits at the back side of your head while you wear it and at the center of the two ear buds. The position of the unit is very convenient that even if you wear a hat or helmet the controls will be accessible. The unit consists of three buttons. The micro USB port is placed at the bottom of the unit. Each of the buttons performs many functions. The main power button can be used to turn on the device as well as to pair the device with phone or other Bluetooth device.

A long press of seven seconds on the button will turn the device into the pairing mode. The button also acts as the switch to take calls while you are listening to music. While playing music if you press the power button it will be paused. The other two buttons with the plus and minus signs can be used to increase and decrees the device volume and if you press and hold it down for some time the player moves to the next or previous track.

The microphone is built into the left ear bud and because of the integrated microphone the headset has the capability to take a call acting as a complete hands free device. The small problem is that the microphone being placed a bit further away from the mouth will cause all the background noise to get in the way and you may find yourself more often wanting to repeat the things you just said so that the person on the other end could comprehend what you are really telling. So it is not at all a good idea to use it in a busy street or to use it for making calls for long periods of time.

The sound coming from Leo wireless Bluetooth headset is of very good quality. Every sound including the highs, mids and lows sound perfect with this device. The sound output is also great so you wouldn’t want to turn up the volume all the way up to get the feel of the music.

The 140mAh battery in the device can provide you with five hours of non-stop music or 20 day stand by time. The battery becomes full after about one and a half hour of charging and an indicator light lets you know that the charging is complete.

Arriva Leo wireless Bluetooth headset is expected to be priced at about Rs.3, 500/- in India.

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