Etymotic Research high fidelity hf2 earbuds

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Etymotic Research high fidelity hf2 earbuds

With the popularity of android devices including smart phones and tablets, more and more android compatible accessories are flooding the market. No matter how many new devices come, the all time favourite one is a pair of good quality headphones.

One of the best choices out there in the market is Etymotic hf2 earphones. For those who haven’t heard of the company they have been in the audio business for more than two decades. They manufacture some very high fidelity headphones that give you very good value for the money.

Features of Etymotic hf2 earphones are:

  • Superior sound

  • High fidelity audio

  • Noise cancelling ear buds

  • In-line remote

  • Inbuilt microphone

  • Replacement sound filters for ear buds

  • Large selection of ear buds including rubber and foam

The ear phones have a very unique design to it. These are actually canal ear phones. This is the main reason why the earphones provide superior noise cancellation. The feature is good since you can enjoy good quality music without having to crank up the sound. The small disadvantage is that some may not be quite comfortable with the canal design at first. But once you get a bit used to it they tend to be more comfortable than an ordinary pair of ear phones.

If you find the ear buds attachments does not match your ear size, which is very unlikely then you can choose to go to a Etymotic authorized centre, where they would make a mold of your ear and gives you custom made ear buds that fits your ears perfectly.

The inbuilt microphone is also of top notch quality. The microphones sensitivity is very high and it hangs close to your face. This eliminates the need for a microphone clip. The sound from the ear phones is totally amazing. They use balanced armatures instead of coil type drivers. The difference is very obvious. The fidelity is very impressive and even the most minute of the audio details becomes very clear with this earphones. The presence of noise cancellation means that you can be completely immersed in your favourite track even when there is lot of noise around you. The bass range cannot be considered very dynamic but the drivers do a very good job.

Etymotic hf2 earphones comes with a price tag of about Rs. 6,000/- in India. This cannot be considered expensive when the sound quality is taken into consideration.

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