Feel the musical punch with Grado G10 earphone

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Feel the musical punch with Grado G10 earphone

Grado is a family-run business which is based on Brooklyn, New York. They mainly produce cartridges as well as headphones including affordable ones to ultra expensive ones.

Grado G10 headphones are the latest addition to their range of headphones. One look at the headphones and you will feel that the headphones have been shot just out of the 50’s. The retro look in the headphones is very stylish. Even when other headphone manufactures moved to ultra modern looks Grado decided to stick to the conventional retro look.

The ear phones come in a glittery finish. The earphone features aqua green color and comes with white ear buds which are replaceable. The wires are black in color but they have a some what shiny look. The left ear piece has a small bump in it so you don’t have to look to know which the left is and which the right one is. The sound tube and the rest of the ear phone are separated by a brushed aluminum ring.

The ear phones are very small and they feel extremely light. But once they are in your ear the ear buds perform a good job of keeping them there itself. Even if you have the habit of head bagging when hearing heavy metals the ear phones will keep its place.

The silicone tips come in three sizes and there are four filters which are ear wax proof. The device has no carrying case. If you intend to give it good protection during traveling, then you will have to make use of either the plain brown packaging in which it comes or buy another set of carrying case for headphones.

The headphones let you hear even the breathing of the singers. The crisp and clear sound makes this one of the best sounding headphones ever to hit the market.

The bass is not very deep since it does not feature any extra bass boost features but there is enough punch to enjoy techno as well as all the modern bass rich songs. The headphone is best suited to hear vocals. It will be sure a treat to hear the 80’s and 90’s songs via them. The mids and lows as well as highs are very perfectly balanced that nothing would appear as an ear sore.

Grado G10 earphones owe its superior sound quality to the drivers in it. They are made in a cutting edge technology that features a moving armature. There sound clarity is in between that of a moving coil driver and the solid armature design.

The moving armature is able to generate much higher frequencies than what is possible by the other technology. But this is possible with a drawback of additional cost and bass. The in ear design requires very precision design and manufacture because of the ultra small size of the device components.

The headphones lack the presence of a microphone too so they cannot be used as a hands free device. However they are expected to have a higher price tag.

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