Fluance Speaker For Iphone

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Fluance Speaker For Iphone
Fluance has been a brand name in the design and development of the speakers with the induction of the high quality sound effects with realistic experience. Fluance has many contenders in the market but they still maintain to survive in the market by continuously evolving with the launch of products that comes with the applications of the latest generation technology. They have launched a range of products that includes a complete speaker system as well as floor standing speakers. It also is comprised of Bookshelf speakers as well as the Surround satellite speakers. One important feature that has to be mentioned is their range of sub woofers which provides such a realistic sound experience that it's really amazing.

The latest to be launched by the Fluance is the FiSDK500 that is determined to offer superb high quality sound in the iphones as well as ipad. The sound in the Fluance FiSDK500 is so enthusiastic that you feel as if you are in front of a Home theatre system. Fluance has done its bit of hard work in the development of the Fluance FiSDK500 that has all the effects of a home theatre that has been accustomed in to a pretty compact unit of the iphones and the ipads.

The features of the Fluance FiSDK500 are many. Fluance FiSDK500 is comprised of an audio-grade wood cabinet which gives it a professional finish. The Fluance FiSDK500 also consists of two full range woofers as well as ultra high end tweeters. It also makes use of the drive units that have a better performance level. Fluance Fi SDK500 comes with a volume specification of around 40dB. The weight of the FiSDK500 is also lighter compared to its competitors at around 6.1 kilograms. Fluance Fi SDK500 comes with an integrated amplifier that is comprised of a 2 Way 4 driver amplifier music system. The amplifier power that is provided is around 20 Watts.

Fluance Fi SDK500 comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it absolutely special from other competitors in the market. Another advantage that Fi SDK500 provides is the round the clock Technical support as well as toll free customer support is also provided. Fluance Fi SDK500 even provides a 30day satisfaction guarantee scheme in which if you are not satisfied with the product. You can return the product to the specified address and you will get the money back. But all these should be done within 30days of buying. But Fluance is very much confident that their latest product Fluance FiSDK500 is sure to convince the users and that they are pretty sure that no one will be dissatisfied.

The price in India of the Fluance FiSDK500 is around 9,000 Indian Rupees which is affordable and worth its price in India considering the quality of the product which is truly superb!

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