FoxLV2 Platinum Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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FoxLV2 Platinum Portable Bluetooth Speaker
There are a lot of people who like to enjoy music in their own way. These people prefer headsets rather than using speakers. But many others want to share the music and create a joyous, soothing atmosphere with the music. People coming under that category use speaker systems, which are of varying shapes and sizes, to play the music, sharing it so that everyone around can enjoy it. But speakers usually are quite big and messy with wires. Portability is not an option in many speakers. But, it does kind of feel good to use a compact portable speaker of excellent performance rather than using a headset, and share the music.

The company named Soundmatters believes sound actually matters, even in portable compact speaker systems. So, they developed a portable Bluetooth speaker and named it as FoxLV2 Platinum. These high end speakers can blow one’s mind with its performance primarily the audibility and quality of the music played with it. Lasting up to 20 hours, the great battery life of FoxLV2 is all because of its extended improved batteries. A new audiophile cabling technology is used in this speaker which can make use of the signals from Bluetooth devices and stream the music in that device. Audioquest provides the cables for this device.

Speaker system manufacturers usually take care to improve noise canceling features in their products. FoxLV2 also has an enhanced noise canceling feature which is integrated in a microphone. The microphone is a built in hardware of this Bluetooth speaker. And you can use this microphone to make calls. FoxLV2 weighs about 9.5 ounce. The speakers are available in Bluetooth enabled versions and Non Bluetooth versions as well.

Apparently, Soundmatters didn’t make any compromises on the audio quality and output of the speaker system. It’s actually an updated version of the original FoxLV2. The Platinum Bluetooth speaker uses a brilliant CSR apt-X technology which is designed to enhance the overall audio quality even if it is played from a Bluetooth enabled device via Bluetooth. It also offers perfect synchronization for pictures and videos while gaming and watching movies. The old FoxLV2 was plain black but FoxLV2 Platinum has a platinum finish. The two versions of Soundmatters FoxLV2 Platinum speakers will be available in India by November.

The Bluetooth version FoxLV2 Platinum is expected to have a price in India tag of Rs 11,250/-. The Non Bluetooth version FoxLV2 Platinum will have an estimated price in India tag of Rs 8,300/-.

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