GS4U Waterproof MP3 Player

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GS4U Waterproof MP3 Player
GS4U is a pioneer in the field of the manufacture and development of the music players that is comprised of path breaking user friendly features. GS4U has the reputation of being the foremost Japanese gadget seller in the internet. They are in the hardware as well as software industry for more than 16 years. They also have presence in the IT as well as the consulting services also. The latest product to be launched by the is the latest GS4U Waterproof MP3 player and also radio. The product is expected to make greater sales because of its waterproof protection technology being implemented.

GS4U Waterproof MP3 player is certified by IPX7 which measures the authorisation and the quality standards. Features includes the provisions to hear the music and enjoy the music in your bathroom as well as during shower time making it extremely waterproof which means that no damages will happen even if it falls under water which makes this product extremely different compared to other products. GS4U Waterproof MP3 player can also be used in the swimming pool also.

The design of GS4U Waterproof MP3 player resembles that of a round ball. Once you open the upper lid you will find a slot where the USB memory device or the SD card which contains the list of your favourite music can be inserted. The FM radio comes with a frequency range of 76.0 up to 108 MHz. The USB or the SD card of up to 32 GB can be included which really has to be appreciated. The most important feature that GS4U Waterproof MP3 player and Radio provides the users is the multiple options of radio as well as the MP3 player which in fact has the ability to convince both the user communities who loves hearing their favourite music as well as those who loves uninterrupted radio throughout the day.

The height and width as well as the length of GS4U player is given by 165mm*165mm*160mm. This makes GS4U player very compact in structure and is portable and very comfortable to handle. GS4U player comes with an efficient battery specification that is x6 AA batteries. The batteries provides 13 hours of battery life in the SD Card which is preferably a good back up where as the USB memory come with only 9 hours of back up. Similarly for radio the back up of the battery stands at a whopping 28 hours.

The price in India of this amazing GS4U player and FM radio is around Rs 8,300.

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