Hidden Radio Designs Innovative Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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Hidden Radio Designs Innovative Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

With the advent of new technologies like the portable Mp3 players and Smartphones, the portable radio has lost its market. But the radios are now being integrated into a lot of devices as an additional feature.

Hidden radio has brought into market a very innovative speaker. The device is a radio as well as Bluetooth wireless speaker. It looks nothing like a speaker. Usually the user has to get a close look to confirm that it is an electronic device. It looks just like the container that is used to contain pepper and salt.

Here are no switches or displays in it. The colour scheme is very simple and is almost plain. To adjust the volume user just has to turn the sleek metallic housing. Only after you hear the sound coming out from it that you will be sure that it is a speaker.

The design of the speakers is a big contrast to the conventional speakers. Till now the radios and speakers where large and had complex controls and all kind of connectivity ports and wires, but not this speaker.

This is a speaker that can be actually loved by the user. This was the same thing that the Australian designer Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and his partner Vitor Santa Maria had in mind when they produced this speaker. These two innovators joined hands four years ago and the result was Hidden radio designs.

Vitor says that there approach was to create simple designs which would create positive impact in lives of people. The speaker can be kept anywhere in the house.

It can be used even outside and the user can connect to each one individually while moving around from room to room. This very much avoids the confusion with wiring and all the associated activities. Also since this speaker does not occupy much space that is also not at all a problem.

Hidden Radio Design's wireless speaker will work with any Bluetooth enabled device that can stream audio to it. So the compatible device list includes everything from Apples devices like iphones or ipads to smart phones, tablets as well as laptops. The speaker runs on batteries that can be recharged.

In a full charge the users can enjoy music continuously for about 30 hours. Even if the media player is not Bluetooth enabled it can still be hooked up with the speaker via normal audio cable connection. A 3.5 mm audio jack is provided in the device.

The sound quality from the speakers is also very impressive. The sound output is about 80 dB so the room will easily be flooded in music. This allows the user to even use it outside. When compared side by side with similar products the sound quality and battery life of this speaker can be found to be superior.

Hidden Radio Design's Bluetooth Wireless speakers are available from Kickstarter.com at a price tag of about more than Rs 6,500 in India.

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