Honeywell Launches Evacpro In India Safety Plus Music

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Honeywell Launches Evacpro In India Safety Plus Music
Honeywell Life Safety (HLS) has announced its latest innovation EvacPro. It is not just like any other Voice Alarm System (VAS), the latest product is has much more to please any user. The device comes with the ultimate background music facility. The basic feature of EvacPro is facility of background music. This facility will add value to the fundamental purpose of the devise. The background music facility will make listeners more comfortable in listening to the speaker particularly in the conference and other functions. Moreover the device is fully loaded and very power full to deliver high clarity crystal clear sound.

The device can deliver specific sound according to the location. More over the unique feature of this particular device is the fire recognition alarm. Just imagine that a fire broke out in your apartment or super market or at your conference hall, the innovative Honeywell EvacPro will raise alarm at very high intensity sound. This facility is very unique and as the sound clarity of the device is very efficient, the manufactures feels that the sound of the alarm raised can even reach a person standing far away. From now onwards, no matter you are in a railway station or in your conference room the Honeywell EvacPro has a little to contribute in the safety of each and every one.

Honeywell EvacPro differs from the rivals because it is well engineered to focus on the area which require evacuation immediately if some thing unusual happened. It focuses on delivering evacuation signals in areas where immediate action is required. This reduces the risk of unnecessary accidents created due to panic among the public. It is noted that many a time unnecessary alarm at wrong directions create panic public and end up in unexpected accidents.

The company authorities told last week that Honeywell EvacPro will leverage the product range of the company. The focus on delivering high quality safety devices is the mission of the company. The launch of EvacPro is an added benefit for the company as it shows cases how unique they are in delivering safety devices as per requirements.

At present the company is doing well in many counties especially in India. The launch of Honeywell EvacPro in India will leverage the business of the firm as customers in India have always welcomed innovative products. There is a huge requirement of such products in India which host many crowded cities and towns.

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