iAudio 6 Music Player

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  The iAudio 6 marks the start of a new breed of MP3 players that is based around a mini 0.85" hard drive. This media player is packed with all the necessary features supporting all the pertinent audio codec that include MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and WAV. The device is not limited to audio but it plays back MPEG4 and JPEG on its radiant 1.3" 260K color OLED screen.

This player comes with two different pieces of software: JetAudio and JetShell. JetAudio is the standard media player that plays, rips, converts and burns music. This is also the application you will use to convert and transfer video to the iAudio 6. JetShell is another application that allows you to sync files, add effects, make play lists and manage features of the iAudio 6.

The iAudio 6 measures 35.6 x 76.1 x 19mm and weighs 60 grams. It is very well built with a solid feel and has buttons that are accurate and firm. The player"s body is made of plastic except for the back plate which is a brushed aluminum. The front, which includes the screen and touch controls, is made of a hard glossy plastic. This face is scratch resistant and will not scratch under normal use.

The iAudio 6 is bundled with ear buds, standard USB cable, USB host cable, line-in cable, and software, which are all fairly standard issued accessories. The 1.3" 260K color OLED 160 x 128 pixel screen takes up most of the real estate on the front of this player. The iAudio 6"s OLED screen is simply brilliant- matching, if not surpassing.

The quality of the iAudio 6 is excellent; definitely above average. The player has the ability to drive larger headphones. A common problem with smaller flash based and some hard drive players is the lack of substantial output wattage to produce an appreciable volume level in higher end headphones. The iAudio 6 will drive almost every ear bud or headphone. The iAudio 6 has all the features you need packed into a solid built form factor wrapped together with a great user interface.

The 15fps video playback on the iAudio 6 is smooth, but does have some artifacts at the smaller compression sizes. However, the highest setting is very clear. The JetAudio software allows you to select 4 different quality settings: 256kbps, 384kbps, normal, and high which are compressed at 2.8MB/Min, 3.7MB/Min, 4.5MB/Min, and 5.3MB/Min respectively that is 250MB, 330MB, 400MB, or 500MB for a typical movie.

iAudio 6 sounds as good as it looks. With its barely perceptible hiss, its detailed highs, and its impressive bass. The battery charges in 3 hours through any powered USB port and is rated at 20 hours of playtime. A few informal battery tests showed play times of between 15-18 hours of audio playtime under typical use.

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