Incase Sonic comfort-fit headphones

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Incase Sonic comfort-fit headphones

Incase, manufacturer of iPad and iPhone accessories, has launched Sonic headphones. They seem to be good in looks, comfort and performance, except for the treble which sounds too sharp.

To begin with, the Sonic headphones are really soft to touch and come in attractive exterior-interior accent colour combinations. That’s the overwhelming positive feeling you get with these. They have a rubbery exterior which is an anti-scratch material, while the earpads are made of a supple foam-like material. The headband is made of a soft suede material that exudes luxury. Even the cord seems to have been made with care with the soft, anti-scratch stuff. All these come in a four-layer package which in itself is a piece of luxury, thanks to the soft and rubbery feel to it too.


  • Earcups match the natural ear shape

  • Low-mass titanium audio drivers reduce sound distortion

  • Right-angled audio jack

  • Includes ¼ cable adapter

When worn, these headphones don’t exert unnecessary pressure on the ears. Yet they are secure. The headband cushioning and the earpads covered with suede contribute to the cushioned feel. The earpads come in an oval or oblong shape that also does its part in fitting comfortably and properly over the ears.

Though soft and rubbery, Sonic headphones are every bit rugged. In the normally weak points of a headphone they’re strong, meaning that accidentally dropping them won’t damage them, at least that’s how it feels after handling the scratch-resistant design. The scratch and fingerprint resistant headphone exterior is further proof of the durability of these Incase Sonic headphones.

Incase Sonic headphones have a 40mm diaphragm that offers a frequency response of 20-hz to 20 kHz. They have an impedance of about 32 ohms and SPL rating of 103dB. The distortion rating of the headphones is a bit of an issue at 3% which should technically affect the audio quality.

Sonic headphones have been tested by technical reviewers and the dominating view is that these headphones from Incase offer spacious and open sound with good bass response and no unnecessary sub-bass added. But an issue that sometimes makes itself felt too much is the treble that ends up being too sharp and gets uncomfortable while playing certain tracks involving a good deal of guitar, snare-drum or harmonica playing. High frequencies sometimes get troublesome and exaggerated in relation to the overall frequency response.

Though these are few niggles in an overall great product, they could be a discouraging factor for some audio freaks. Reviewers claim that though the sound is brilliant overall, some tracks could aggravate the irritating shrill of the treble. Incase Sonic headphones come with twin 3.5-foot cables featuring in-line microphone, mini-plug and three-button control.

Incase Sonic headphones are priced in the region of closer to Rs. 10,000 (way too expensive) in India which could vary depending on the online store you purchase from though it isn’t clear whether the product would be shipped to India.

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