iPad 2, The Next Generation Coming Soon!

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iPad 2, The Next Generation Coming Soon!
Men and gadgets are always one in one. The new iPad 2 or the next generation iPad is on its way and will really be something to look forward to. The previous iPad was awesome, but it only lacked a camera.

The New iPad 2 has come out with two camera, one in the front facing for video chatting and the other at the rear end, similar to an iPhone. This spectacular gadget is also featured to be slim and lighter as compared to the recent model, iPad. As per the rumors, it is said that Apple is getting ready to release a smaller 7-inch variant of the iPad.

The other accessories of the new iPad 2 or next generation iPad along with the two cameras is, it features an SD card slot and a mini USB 3.0 port.

For those of you who want to own an iPad 2, will have to wait for its release sometime in early February which will be shipped from China. But there is a slight possibility that Apple will hold the release of this fab iPad 2 or next generation iPad till April, as they want the launch to accord with that of the iPad's initial launch anniversary.

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