Jabra Pro 9450 Headset Review

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Jabra Pro 9450 Headset Review
Jabra has always been making news for its release of the headsets with superb sound quality and very high quality sound effects. They also come with some very user friendly features targeting the users who wish the applications or navigations to be smoother without affecting the mindset of the customers. The latest to be launched by Jabra is the Jabra Pro 9450 which is supposed to provide user friendly features for the users who makes use of this product.

The greatest advantage is that it provides new facilities in managing the calls smoother for the users. The main feature is that you can receive the calls in mainly two ways. One way is in attending the call when you are in office by pressing a button in the headset based touch pad display and if you are at travelling you can make use of the headsets. There are also other ways in which you will be able to answer the calls. And that is by means of user friendly Jabra call manager software. Jabra claims that they have reduced the level of stress associated with the users by the release of the Jabra Pro 9450 headset.

The features of the Jabra pro 9450 headset consists of touch screen facility for controlling the calls easily. The Jabra pro 9450 also makes use of the multi use connectivity method.

The installation method is also done very easily with the help of a SmartSetup wizard. And what more this product comes with a superior sound quality than any other headsets available in the market. The Jabra pro 9450 also comes with a Jabra PC suite that provides absolute future proof investment. The Jabra 9450 is also comprised of a dual microphone as well as the presence of a mono speaker.

The product reiterates Jabra's brand name in the field of wireless communications technology. The product Jabra 9450 has been developed mainly targeting the business as well as the professional people. The product has been developed and specially optimized for the Microsoft Lync 2010. The battery life of Jabra 9450 is that it provides around 8 hours of talk time and also it comes with a stand by time of around 46 hours.

The price in India of the Jabra 9450 is a bit expensive at 14,000 Indian Rupees. But considering the quality of the product and its benefits, the fact remains that the product is worth its price in India.

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