Jabra Supreme first mono Bluetooth headset

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Jabra Supreme first mono Bluetooth headset

abra is the market leader in headset technology and is a global headset brand. They have a wide variety of corded and cordless headsets under their hood. They surely made heads turn when they introduced the worlds first Bluetooth headset for mobiles back in 2000.From there onwards they have been setting milestones in mobile Bluetooth headset technology.

First of all coming to the basics the Bluetooth technology is used to eliminate the need for wires between two devices, in our case the mobile and the headset .It can ensure close range communication between the devices, both voice and data, without interruption for a prolonged period of time.

Jabra introduced the latest Bluetooth headset, Jabra Supreme which is claimed to be the first Bluetooth mono headset that has incorporated active noise cancellation technology. The problem with conventional mono headset is that there will be a lot of background noise interruptions. If you are traveling the wind noise can make it very difficult to continue a conversation. Active noise cancellation is the answer to all these problems, and this is what is incorporated into Jabra’s headsets. Active noise cancellation in brief is the process of not transmitting the background noise.

Jabra actually packs in three cutting edge technology into the Jabra Supreme headset. The first being the active noise cancellation in which the ambient noise is cancelled out so that the person using the head set can hear superior quality sound. This is made possible by a dedicated microphone with the help of which certain remedial sounds are generated in the headphone that cancels out the ambient noise. The second is Noise Blackout 3.0 technology that reduces the background noise being transmitted during conversation. This ensures crystal clear voice for the person on the other end. Finally the Wind noise reduction technology that is dedicated to removing the wind noise will perform well. All these technologies combined ensure smooth and high quality sound in both the ends.

The device works in Bluetooth 3.0 version. It weighs in at just about 18 grams which is amazingly light so you would not even feel that the device is there. With an approximately two hours charging time this wonderful gadget gives you about 15days of standby time and up to 6 hours talk time. Jabra headset speaker is a 24 mm one that delivers very high quality sound.

The entire features in a Bluetooth headset including the ones for answering or ending a call, rejecting a call and voice dialing are also incorporated in it. There are also options for increasing and decreasing the volume. A small setback is that the device is not water proof or rain shower proof. But that is not a big issue since you are not going to use your phone when it is raining cats and dogs.

The device is expected to be rolled out with a price tag of around Rs. 9,000/- in India

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