Jawbone icon headset with the Nerd Bluetooth dongle

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  Jawbone icon headset with the Nerd Bluetooth dongle

Bluetooth headsets are gaining very much popularity now days. They are used as everything from hands free devices to audio headsets. The main attraction of a Bluetooth headset is that it avoids the use of wires. This is particularly very useful while traveling since you don’t have to look around and be cautious to see that the wires don’t get tangled up. Bluetooth headsets also have another advantage that they are very useful in maintain long duration phone calls since they don’t produce very much radiation as that of regular phone.

Jawbone Icon is a very popular Bluetooth headset that has achieved quite an impressive sales figure. The headset now comes with ‘Nerd’ which is a USB dongle so that you can make the headset compatible with your computer.


  • Plug and play functionality

  • Good voice quality

  • Impressive Bluetooth range

  • Compact

Jawbone Icon is a headset which has proved its worth to numerous satisfied customers. The headset comes with noise cancellation technology. The technology is termed as NoiseAssasin 2.5 and is claimed to be military grade. There is also sufficient wind noise reduction provided. This helps you to enjoy flawless communication while on travel or in a noisy environment. The headset also comes with voice activity sensors which is a very cutting edge technology. What it does is that, it feels the noise vibrations coming from the mouth. By doing so it can track each word and sound produced by the mouth and transmits it very efficiently to the person in the other end.

The headset also gives the user to enjoy music or podcasts wirelessly. Any Bluetooth enabled device with A2DP connectivity can stream audio to the headphone. The easy to use functions and controls in the Icon headset give the user ability to answer calls without even have to take the headphone out. The audio controls that can be used to increase or decrease the volume are also very much accessible and ensure trouble free operation.

So when you couple it with Nerd Bluetooth dongle you get a headset that is both compatible with phones as well as computers. The Nerds operation is very simple. You simply will have to plug it in the computers USB port. Just with the click of a button Nerd will connect the Icon headset to the computer. The advantage of having such a device is that you can use it with all types of computers as well as laptops. You can use this combination to make online video calls with software’s like Skype.

Jawbone icon headset along with the Nerd Bluetooth dongle comes with a price tag of approximately Rs.5,000/- or less in some online retailer shops in India.

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