Klipsch Image One over the ear headphones

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Klipsch Image One over the ear headphones

Klipsch headphones are widely used in the professional audio circles. The reason for this is their amazing sound quality as well as reliability. Klipsch has till now introduced a lot of in-ear phone models. Now the company has turned to over the ear designs.

Klipsch recently launched Image One headset which sports a supra-aural design.

Features of Klipsch Image One headphones are:

  • Supra-aural design

  • Comfortable

  • Premium build quality

  • Integrated iphone controls

  • Solid audio performance

Image One headphone comes in an all black finish. The padding material is covered in leather and features Klipsch logo on the outside. The headband also has enough padding so the user won’t feel any discomfort even after long hours of use. The ear phones are designed to rest on the ear and they don’t create a seal. So there won’t be any static noise cancellation from the headphone cups.

The audio cables are non detachable and consists of an integrated microphone as well as iphone controls. These controls can manipulate the tracks as well as adjust the music’s volume. The headphone comes with a zip-up protective case. The headphones completely folds up and fits in the pouch and can be carried around very easily. There is also a ¼ inch adapter that can be used to connect the device into smaller headphone jacks.

The sound from these headphones is pretty impressive. It offers same high quality sound output for all types of music genre. Either instrumental or voice, the device reproduces the sounds with very high efficiency. There is very good bass response boosting sound .The headphones gives an assuring and powerful bass. The highs seem to be much crisp and clearer compared to the lows. But that cannot be pointed as a drawback.

One amazing fact with the headphone is that there is no distortion issues .Usually the headphones when tuned to high volumes would produce much distorted sound output. This is not the case with Image One headphone. The sound output is also very powerful. This means that you won’t have to turn up the volume to very high levels to enjoy the music. One small disadvantage is that if you turn up the volume a bit high there is a good chance that the people around you can hear what you are playing. This is because of the lack of noise isolation in these headphones.

Klipsch Image One headphone comes with a price tag of more than Rs.6,500/- in india.

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