Koss KEB40 earphones available in India

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Koss KEB40 earphones available in India

American headphone manufacturer Koss has launched its KEB40 earphones. These are earplugs or in-ear headphones and have been released with the idea of offering greater quality through effective sound isolation. Being in-ear headphones, they’re easy to carry around as well.

Reports from sources that have tested Koss KEB40 earphones suggest the sound quality is nothing too spectacular. The main issue with KEB40s is their lack of solid bass which makes the sound flat and hollow. This seems to be felt more in Lounge and Classical music but can still be noticeable while playing Hip-Hop. The test was also carried out by connecting Koss KEB40 to the Samsung Galaxy S tablet that has entertainment enhancing features such as PowerAmp and Voodoo Control Plus but even then the sound effect was reported to be far from satisfactory.

It was lacking in the bass department again while the mid and high ranges were pretty good, making the sound appear pretty flat. Another issue with the KEB40 ear-buds is the lack of really high volume levels. In spite of blocking out the surrounding noise the sound seemed to lack the punch even when the volume was turned to the maximum. Even the eat buds could have had better bass to offer better quality.

These characteristics seem to be strong enough to knock Koss KEB40 earphones from their high perch and make their humongous price tag of around Rs. 2,000 unjustifiable particularly when there are earphones offering much better sound quality available for less than half the price. With the sound quality so poor and price tag so high there is no point in talking about Koss KEB40’s design and aesthetics. But to complete the review, we’ll describe them too.

The earphones have a protective aluminium enclosure which ensures durability when stepped on by accident or dropped. The rubber rings around the buds offer a good amount of grip when plugged into your ear. The package comes with silicone ear-tips of three sizes which you can connect depending on which size suits you the best. These ear-tips seem to be of a good quality.

There is plenty of cord length on offer – 4ft of it, which is good if you’ve placed your tablet, laptop or whatever you’re connecting it to at a distance. But the cord doesn’t seem to exude the quality of the buds or the brilliant 3.5mm gold plated connector. The excessive length and thin profile of the cords make them get tangled easily, but you have a cord-slider for adjusting the excessive slack.

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