LG Releases New HX 906TX Home Theater System

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LG Releases New HX 906TX Home Theater System
LG Electronics, the leading firm in consumer electronic products has transformed itself of being truly international in its strategy and quality. In the earlier years LG was mostly concentrating on a few markets, but as of now they are seriously eyeing the global markets if it has to sustain itself to the growing demands of the users for products which are convenient and comfortable to use. Living up to the expectations of the people, they have recently released the new LG HX 906TX home theatre system with some additional and the most advanced features coming in to play.

LG HX 906TX includes a 9.1 speaker system, which delivers a 360 degree sound that provides the audience with the pleasures of both vertical and horizontal sound. There are many other features in the newly released new LG HX 906TX home theatre system.

The 9.1 speaker system has resulted in the creation of 10 speakers which consists of four upright 3D speakers which in turn provides a thundering and quality sound experience for the listeners and the viewers. The concept is mainly based on spreading the sound effects through all the directions simultaneously creating a theatrical effect. The Upright 3D speakers in fact even provide the sound in the vertical direction which enables the viewers with a mindset of everything happening around them in real kind of feeling.

The application of the LG's 3D effect digital signal communication algorithm with the help of a technology to enhance sound field expansion is expected to deliver the sound in the horizontal manner by extending the "sweet spot" technology which allows the users to have the pleasant experience of being in the middle of the sound.

The new LG HX 906TX home theatre system is again supported by some other features that includes the 3D Blu ray Playback with 1080 pixel provides 3D images with 12 bit respectively. The colour is metallic silver which better suits the living surroundings giving it a total elegance and style. It also is cubical in structure with a slim outlook. The home theater system also comes with advanced apps that enable android based phones to be used as a remote control to function this home theatre from anywhere.

File sharing is done with the help of the new feature that is the Wi-Fi direct. To get the information of the album title or the songs, LG HX 906TX provides a music ID developed by the Gracenote. This device also has the capability to access the tablets, mobile phones and the PC's which is to be highly appreciated since it leads to greater integration of these devices in particular. This new LG system is expected to be priced at around Rs 1,20,000 in India.

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