Libratone Airplay sound system

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Libratone Airplay sound system

Wireless speakers are in hot demand. Wire-free convenience is really what everyone looks for. Devices with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity have satisfied the desires of many, and speakers – not only extra tablet, smartphone or laptop speakers, but also large home entertainment ones – satisfy this demand too.

Libratone has launched the Live and the Lounge speaker systems supporting the AirPlay sound standard. These are wireless devices, making them highly desirable and the sound quality is expected to be truly spectacular. AirPlay support means that songs can be streamed from iTunes libraries you have stored on your PC or Mac system. You can also access music stored in any Apple device – iPod, iPad or iPhone – to be played on the Libratone speakers through Wi-Fi.

Libratone Lounge is the much larger device and aimed squarely at providing the entire room with high quality audio, and a punchy one for rock music. The standard Lounge speaker comes in colors of Vanilla Beige, Slate Grey and Blueberry Black. The price tag of Libratone Lounge in any of these colors is around Rs. 64,000. But there is also a more premium color scheme available for a more visually satisfying appearance and one which could probably suit the décor of your room perfectly. This premium color combination is green and red cashmere, but it will raise the price of Lounge to Rs. 68,000 in India. That’s quite a lot of money, even for the projected high sound quality and AirPlay support Lounge offers.

Libratone Live is a much smaller model and offers great versatility thanks to its compact size. You can keep it wherever you want to listen to high quality audio. This too comes in the standard shades of black, beige and grey as well as the more up market green and red cashmere. The standard Libratone Live model comes with a price tag of Rs. 34,000 in India while the premium model increases the price to Rs. 40,000 in India.

Both Libratone Lounge and Libratone Live seem to be priced way too optimistically at the moment, and it remains to be seen how the market is going to react to this. Will consumers welcome these with open arms? As new products, it isn’t sure whether Libratone will be troubling rival manufacturers.

One of the factors making a difference could be the FullRoom feature that can adjust every minute aspect of the sound output to suit the architecture of your room in order to create the right acoustic experience. To fully realize the potential of FullRoom you must download the Libratone application that is available for free.

For the optimum listening experience with both these Libratone AirPlay supported models, it is better to have one of the latest Apple versions of the iPod, iPad or iPhone models.

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