Lightweight, radiation free Air Headsets from Air2Hear

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Lightweight, radiation free Air Headsets from Air2Hear

Innovations have always surprised us, especially when new innovative headsets are presented. Who would think that there can be this many innovations in a headset? Headsets are very much preferred nowadays because people seem to be bothered now about the radiation exposure while talking directly with the mobile handsets. So headsets are of great demand. So no doubt that, an innovative, headset will obviously overwhelm those people.

Reportedly, AirTube headset or the Air headset, manufactured by Air2Hear, has been immensely successful in other countries and they are coming to India soon. The Air headset is a unique device, compatible with mobile handsets, which propagates the sound in a different way unlike all the other headsets.

The sound is propagated by air in this headset instead of conveying through wires. The fruition of such a headset is from a simple idea of the Chief Executive of the Company, John Hutson. Apparently, he got irritated when he made a few long calls, because his handset was burning up each second and affecting his ear. So he thought of making a headset and reasoned with ideas to make it different from a standard headset. Thus AirTube became a reality.

AirTube headset is a lightweight, very stylish device and having features that outweighs its good looks. AirTube offers good audibility with very good quality and is very comfortable.

Users, who make long calls everyday, will definitely like this headset because they will be pretty comfortable with it even after hours of extensive usage. That’s obviously the reason why this headset boomed in the market and got sold off just in a matter of days.

AirTube is almost similar to a stethoscope in design and works similar to it too. The air headset comes with volume controls and a microphone. It also features a button for picking up and hanging up calls.

AirTube now has great demand in Spain, Portugal, Japan, France and Switzerland. The sales are rocketing high in UK alone. Although, the sound conveys by air, it doesn’t seem to affect the sound quality of AirTube at all. User reviews commonly state the fact that the headset is very comfortable and convenient to use. Radiation exposure affecting the brain is not much of a problem if you own a headset like AirTube.

Air2Hear AirTube headset can be purchased from Amazon or directly from the official website of Air2Hear. Price is to be verified, but probably be around Rs 3,000 in India.

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