Livio Launches Radio Kit For iPod And iPhone

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Livio Launches Radio Kit For iPod And iPhone
What all changes have occurred to the way people used to adopt, to take entertainment along with them, to where ever they go since the last decade. Portable media player, walkmans, and later moving on to vehicles, the on the board entertainment was never a last in the list. Integrated media players with USB and CD drives in the vehicle was just the beginning considering the recent innovative products that are taking over the full responsibility of entertainment in automotives all across the globe.

Recent news in the related affair is Livio Radio and its new launch of a car internet radio with an inbuilt media player capable of playing tracks from an i Pod and iPhone. The device is a plug and play gadget with a Bluetooth device that can synchronize it with other external players like an i Pod or an iPhone. The device comes with a pre embedded kit consisting an Internet radio application that could play around 45,000 FM stations all over the world. The Bluetooth device in the gadget makes it possible to stream the music files in the iPhone and i Pod and plays through the car stereos.

Another advantage of the gadget is its ability to provide a facility for hands free Bluetooth calling with in the vehicle. The device could be charged with its USB ports and has control options for the Livio Radio application with no monthly fees. The device had its preview in the International Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas. The award winning application pre installed in the device will make it able enough to communicate to external Bluetooth integrated hardware and thus extend its full usage of the superior Livio Connect API kit.

Livio Radio founder and CEO Mr. Jake Sigal expressed his high hopers for the device by saying that the highly efficient applications installed in the device making it possible to tune into radio stations all over the world along with its ability to stream the contents in iPad will surely make the new device a compulsory attributes in the vehicles very where.

The new device is compatible with all the updates and versions of the iPod and iPhone including iPod touch

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