Logitech S715i portable iPhone iPad speaker

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Logitech S715i portable iPhone iPad speaker

The Logitech S715i portable iPod and iPhone speaker has received rave reviews as a product that offers more than other portable speakers in this price range. S715i has eight drivers that provide splendid audio performance.

Logitech S715i is compact enough to fit into a backpack though it is nearly the size of a boom box. It features a covered iPod dock which flips into the kickstand. The volume and power buttons are also at the front. On either side of the kickstand are two 2-inch passive radiator woofers which provide the speaker with its characteristic deep sound. The speaker can be stable without too much rattling even in really loud volumes, thanks to the rubber feet beneath the kickstand and speaker. The six drivers aboard S715i are covered by metal mesh grille.

Of the six speaker drivers on board, there are only four which are directly powered. These include the 3-inch pair at each side and the half-inch tweeters between them. The remaining 2-inch drivers generate sound with the help of the air displaced by the other drivers. Logitech has equipped S715i with a universal dock featuring one 30-pin connecter that can accommodate a range of devices including, of course, all versions of the iPhone and iPod. This is a welcome relief from the fitted inserts that tend to become outdated.

According to CNET, this is probably the best iPod-iPhone portable speaker around in the market at a price tag of around Rs 8, 000. While other speakers in the range may more or less match it in the area of crisp sounds such as drums, strings, guitar and vocals, where the Logitech S715i beats them is in low-end punch which serves to perfectly balance out the treble fidelity. That doesn’t mean the S715i loses out in the crisp detail, it’s just that in this area others could just about match it. It is loud enough too to outgrow the boundaries of your home with its audio, if you’ve connected the system to its power adapter.

Its rechargeable battery offers around eight hours of continuous playing if kept at a moderate volume. Playing the system from the battery does bring down the sound quality a bit but it isn’t significant. According to reviewers, this is really a great portable iPod/iPhone speaker that really offers great value.


  • Value and performance - Great value at a price amounting to around Rs. 8, 000. The eight drivers offer tremendous performance unlike other speakers in this range.

  • Looks - It isn’t all performing but about the elegant look too. Its sculpted design makes it desirable.

  • Portability - Though on the bigger side, it can be easily carried around.


  • Lack of some features: The only negative reviewers have managed to find in Logitech S715i is the lack of a clock, EQ and FM radio. But these are hardly stuff that could deter audiophiles.

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