New Logitech Tablet Speaker

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New Logitech Tablet Speaker
While India faces the Android tablet revolution, music lovers expect something for themselves. Seeing their opportunity in the music device sector in the markets, a lot of music device manufacturing companies have already started developing and distributing music systems ranging from small speakers, headphones, ear buds to major wireless home theatre systems at attractive or expensive prices. One of such companies is Logitech which apparently foresaw the success of a speaker designed for tablets. Logitech is now preparing to launch their tablet speaker which is going to impress tablet users and music lovers as well.

The Logitech tablet speaker may sound simple but it is a sophisticated device with impressive specifications and potential to make a simple music listening activity turn into a wild rocking party. This clip on speaker can efficiently super amplify the volume of the Music collection in Tablets once it's attached to them and is obviously a must-have for users of tablets which have comparatively low audio output. Your tablet will be transformed to a home theatre sound system which is of course portable, with the use of this Logitech Tablet Speaker.

The Logitech tablet speaker is exclusively designed to make your iPad rock the joint with its music. But it can be used with any tablets as it equips a 3.5 mm audio jack which almost all tablets have. The tablet is connected via the 3.5 jack and the tablet speakers can be clipped on to the back of the tablet which looks awesome. Obviously your slim and sleek is going to be a bit bulkier after you attach it with this speaker. So rather than a speaker, it should have been named a portable speaker with tablet docks. When you feel like watching movies or listening to music using the tablet, you can dock it to Logitech Tablet Speaker. As a matter of fact, the speaker kind of acts like stands which can be placed in front of you and you don't need to keep holding it in your hands while you enjoy the music and the movies.

The disappointing thing is that the portable speaker is wired and requires charging as well via USB of course. Reportedly, the charge will last for up to 8 hours. Several other reports from reliable sources state that the portable speaker isn't very durable. But anyways, it looks good on the tablet and offers great amplitude to the sound and doesn't add much to the weight as well. The audio drivers are designed in both sides of the speaker's long square shaped body and come with a pouch.

The Logitech Tablet Speakers are available for purchase from the Company's online stores and is expected to have a price in India of Rs 2,300/-.

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