Logitech Tablet Speaker Review

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Logitech Tablet Speaker Review
For users spending a lot of time on their iPad or any tablet, it helps if they have more entertainment options preferably reaching close to a home theatre experience. Logitech seems to have felt the need and has introduced its Logitech tablet speaker It offers a great quality sound and is not bulky too.

This compact device features a 3.5mm audio connector which helps you plug it to you tablet easily. It is charged through a USB port, which means that you cannot charge the speaker when you've connected the iPad to a laptop.

The spring-loaded clip enables the Logitech tablet speaker to be fixed on the top, to the back of the tablet. The speakers are on either sides of the device. This arrangement results in brilliant stereo separation that provides a truly rich sound quality. Even if there is a tendency for a muffling sound to be generated by being situated behind the tablet, the speaker has been designed to overcome this.

Though Logitech tablet speaker is demonstrated as being conveniently clipped to the top of the tablet, it has also been tested by clipping it to the bottom and letting it play while also functioning as a stand for your tablet. This ensures your tablet can still be in an upright position and helps while watching videos or movies. You can work on your laptop with your tablet standing straight providing you video and audio entertainment.

If you clip the speaker to the top of the tablet, the tablet has to be either laid down, leaning on the speaker (which is not an unfavourable position for you to watch whatever plays on the screen) or held in the hand. Clipping it below makes it a lot more convenient and a totally hands-free experience.

There's just one problem with using Logitech tablet speaker this way though. Logitech has designed the on/off spring loaded switch to be on the top of the speaker when it is clipped to the top of the tablet. When the speaker is clipped below the tablet as a stand though, the on/off spring loaded switch is below, resting on the table (or wherever you place the tablet). There is a chance for the on/off switch to be pressed and the speaker turning off. You need to position the Logitech tablet speaker appropriately. But it certainly is possible to fix the speaker below the tablet without the switch touching the surface too much.

If Logitech launches an updated design that replaces the spring loaded switch with some other mechanism such as a slider switch, it certainly would be most welcome. But overall, there are hardly any reasons to complain. Logitech has delivered a great product, which though small and compact and easily connectable to the tablet, offers great sound quality and good battery backup making it ideal for the travelling individuals. It comes for a price in India of only 50 Australian Dollars (or around Rs. 2,437).

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