Logitech's latest wireless headset range unveiled

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Logitech's latest wireless headset range unveiled

The Logitech BH 940 BH 420 are a range of stereo, wireless headsets that are designed exclusively for the business sector. They are compact, portable, trendy, sleek, economical and affordable as well. These headphones are wireless & can be used as travel headphones. These headsets provide features that eliminate the external distortions & allow for a streamlined music listening experience.

Logitech, a company popular for its user friendly computer accessories for the home, apparently has decided to present some new products exclusively for business people. Not just any products, but stylish and classy looking headsets. Reportedly, they started a whole new division for manufacturing such products for the sake of businessmen.

Logitech recently made it public that they are going to present 3 new headsets designed exclusively for business people to help them attend calls and work comfortably without losing focus.

The new Logitech headsets are the BH940, the BH420 Stereo Headset and the BH410 Mono Headset. The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology in the BH940 Mono headset is something that can definitely come in handy for employees in big organizations.

For a person who needs to attend calls away from their desk can use this headset to stay connected to the telephone. So they don’t have to move here and there just to attend some calls. They can do it from where they sit.

BH940 Wireless Mono headset is pretty lightweight as well. It comes with what you can call as ‘on-ear’ controls. It’s designed in such a cool way that the user will be able to operate hands-free as it can also be used as a headband on an earpiece.

Most people require good audio quality in their headsets while doing their job. If an important telephone call isn’t very audible, then there won’t be any proper communication and that can affect the business. For people who come in that category, Logitech’s solution is the BH420 Stereo and BH410 Mono headsets.

These lightweight headsets are designed to deliver incredible sound quality and audibility. The dual earpads of BH420 is pretty comfortable and minimizes noises. The microphone will do a great job as well with the wideband audio quality.

It makes the user’s voice audible to the other end and that which comes from the other end will be pretty clear to the user as well. All the three headsets also come with a travel pouch. BH410 has only one earpiece which is pretty good. Once someone tries these out, he will never regret buying it. The headsets can be bought from Logitech’s business partners.

The price details of all the three headsets respectively; BH940 Wireless Mono DECT is with a price of Rs. 10, 000 in India. Price details of other models are yet to be confirmed.

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