Magico Launches Q1 Speakers

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Magico Launches Q1 Speakers
For getting the maximum satisfaction and for creating a pleasant state of mind for the audiences who hear the music all depends on the type of speakers and the quality of the speakers the users use. The best the speaker, good the quality of sound will be. It also keeps a steady increase in the popularity of the manufacturers of those speakers. There are a few competitors in this segment to achieve the pioneer position in this market segment. The hot news is that in the coming years, many brands are going to launch state of the art speakers and electronic consumer products in order to sustain in the market. Each of them differs in their own way of making the products.

The latest speaker to be in the market was by Magico and the speaker brand they have released is known as the Q1. From 2010 itself the information about the launch of this speaker were spoken around the industry circles. The design seems to be stunning and is sure to make waves around the industry.

Bass is one of the most important qualities that determine the success of the speakers that most of the manufacturers have launched so far. In Magico, they have lived up to the expectations by introducing an unbelievable 34Hz bass. The component Magico have used to make the body of this speaker is pure Aluminium. The biggest advantage of the aluminium is that its rust free. The interior of the speaker is metallic in nature. The music that we hear from this speaker just provides us with memorable experiences. The sound effects are really to be admired. I have never seen such a speaker with such an advanced technology being used that completely wipes out any sort of strains which seems to the advantage factor Magico seems to keep hold of. Making everyone surprised was its weight which was just around 62 pounds and its height was quite normal at 14.1 inches.

Another feature is the perfection of the sound that it produces. You will feel that you hear the sound as if you are in the real time situation. A specialized kind of 3D sound perfection is there in the speakers. The 7-inch woofer has really played a vital part in developing these effects.

But the fact is that the Magico speaker does not come with a cheap price in India. Its costlier compared to the normal speakers and it comes with an astonishing price in India of 9, 80,000 Indian rupees. Surprised! Yes, you have to be for the quality of the product.

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