Maximum Audio output ensured with Russound Amplified Outdoor Speakers

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 Maximum Audio output ensured with Russound Amplified Outdoor Speakers

The desire to enjoy great music isn’t an urge felt indoors or in specific situations alone. Experiencing the beauty of nature on a sunny day or beneath the stars could suddenly instill the desire to experience music. While compact and transportable media players such as iPods and MP3 USB sticks with earphones could satisfy the desire, they couldn’t provide the punch or corporate listening experience of amplified outdoor speakers. Russound is looking to satisfy this need of music lovers.

Supplier of multi-room and custom-installed audio systems, Russound has now introduced an outdoor AC-only amplified speaker. Russound is a well respected brand in the world of integrated and customized audio systems. It has been around for above 35 years satisfying customers with its reliability, quality, customization capabilities and great service. It has now also added AirGo, which we’ll be discussing, and vNet in order to expand its range of products and project the image of a lifestyle solutions provider. The expansion also helps Russound to satisfy the unique but growing needs of its customers better.

Russound has launched the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. The amplified outdoor speaker has a protective compartment with an AC outlet in which you can plug in Apple’s AirPort Express that features AirPlay. This will enable music to be streamed through Wi-Fi from an iTunes application in a PC within the network or from iPod Touches, iPads and iPhones. Music can also be streamed from online radio streams which have been accessed by either of these devices, and other music services such as Pandora too.

AirGo amplified outdoor speaker unit consists of a 12.6x12.9x10.2-inch chassis accommodating the RMS 40-watt amplifier, a 6.5-inch woofer and two 1-inch tweeters. Russound AirGo, with AirPort Express plugged in, also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot since AirPort Express can be a Wi-Fi repeater as well.

With its compact dimensions AirGo can be carried anywhere, and being lightweight it’s easy for anyone to take it with them. This would particularly interest campers and trekkers. Russound has made this amplified outdoor speaker weather-resistant too, just in case you hit unfavourable weather (not that you should leave it open to the elements for a long period of time). But you needn’t be a camper to enjoy Russound AirGo. You can also use this outdoors in your driveway or lawn. The quality of the sound is also expected to be great as you would expect with the aforementioned features.

Russound has a list price of around Rs. 20, 000 and it’s available through Russound’s custom specialists or through retail sites, and But the price you’ll have to pay in India may be higher because the delivery will require shipping charges too.

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