McIntosh Unveils 2012 Premium Music Product Line

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McIntosh Unveils 2012 Premium Music Product Line
Music has transformed lives and brought this art form to the living rooms ever since the gramophone was first produced. But while the gramophone appears hideously cumbersome today, it paved the way for more hi-tech music listening devices such as record players, stereo tape recorders and walkmans. Soon MP3 players transformed the music listening experience more and the USB music stick and Apple's iPod took the innovations further ahead making life without music unthinkable and music on the move common.

But while these transformed the personal music-listening experience innovations to enhance corporate music appreciation, not at the opera or theater but at home, were also being introduced from at least the mid-20th century. From almost the beginnings of home theater systems has been one company - McIntosh. And it is still innovating; ensuring building home theaters becomes more wallet-friendly and simple.

McIntosh has unveiled its 2012 music product lineup with the highlights being the three new speakers and components that will help customers create, for a lower price in India than before, a McIntosh-based home theater system but still retaining the McIntosh quality, according to Charlie Randall, McIntosh President.

The products include a home theater preamp or processor, and the first 3D Blu-ray player that Mc Intosh has introduced. The preamp/processor would be one of the company's first products with AirPlay, while both the 3D Blu-ray player and the preamp/processor will be one of the first DLNA-certified products of Mc Intosh. A speaker tabletop system will also be an AirPlay-enabled product and it could perhaps be made available even before the preamp/processor.

The new components are the Blu-Ray/DVD/SACD player, the 7x200-watt amplifier and the preamp/processor. Randall claims that with these devices, users only have to spend around few lakhs of Rupees to set up a home theater. These new components will arrive at the market by January 2012, while the speakers should come in February.

The new Mc Intosh speaker series consist of a tower speaker available for a tentative price in India of less than Rs 5, 00,000 per pair which is half the present opening price in India.

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