Mogan Standard Omni Earset Microphone from Hosa Technologies

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Mogan Standard Omni Earset Microphone from Hosa Technologies

Hosa Technology has gained the reputation of becoming a pioneer in the innovation of analog as well as digital connectivity solutions. Their products have been designed especially so as to meet the needs of the audio/video professionals as well as music professionals.

The latest product that they have launched in to the international market is the Mogan Standard Omni earset microphones that comes with superior sound quality as well as build quality. The product seems to become the favorite choice for the lecturers, business people and professionals.

Hosa Technology is one of those companies that have always realized to keeping pace with the advancement in the technological sector. The company products include the development of high quality cables as well as connectors and adapters. And the company’s agenda is always centered on providing good quality products at an extremely affordable price tag.


  • High Quality Audio

  • 3.0 mm of omni directional capsule that is supported by -45 dB nominal sensitivity.

  • The capsule is designed especially to be somewhat nearer to the individual’s mouth while using the product

  • Full frequency audio performance

  • Produces natural resonant sound

  • Comfortable Positioning in ear

  • Adjustable soft ear cushion

  • Stainless Mechanism used

  • Provides Stability

  • Reliability

  • New Mogan microphone interchangeable cable system

  • Microphone can be connected to most popular wireless transmitters

  • Supported wireless Transmitters- Example: Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica

  • Microphone contains detachable, Kevlar® reinforced cable with a hardwired connector

  • Available in black and beige colors

  • Foam wind Screen

  • Single Mic Clip

  • Device comes packed in a Polyvinyl Chloride zippered case


  • The price is very high comparatively

The new Mogan standard omni earset microphone has set new standards. The device is sure to impress the users with its user friendly features and functionalities. The company believes that the launch of this product is a significant step forward for them.

The company said in an official statement that they are pretty impressed with the superior performance and high quality sound effects the product comes with at the same time maintaining utmost comfortability.

The device is expected to come with a warranty as well as user manual that enhances the users with the functioning of the device. The product comes with a price tag of around Rs.11, 000 in India which is not so impressive as far as a headphone of this category is concern. But it is expected that some of the high profile business class people might be comfortable with the price tag.

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