Monster launches new Monster Vektr stylish headphones

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Monster launches new Monster Vektr stylish headphones

It was just a few days before when Monster launched their water proof in ear headsets specially designed for athletes. Now they have come up with something more new and stylish. It claims to offer the ultimate quality when it comes to music listening and other related purpose.

This time it’s just not the monster, but it is a partnership with Diesel that has worked behind the new headsets. Not many information has been revealed on the headset at the press release where the product was announced. However it can be expected that Monster might have filled in it with its usual standards and hardware quality and along with Diesel it’s definitely going to be one mind blowing experience.

The head set is said to be staying off the conventional headphone designs. But though the exterior appearance may look somewhat new and mysterious, the basic structure of the head set remains to be same with the conventional style of two ear cups connected by a head band.

The design of the headphone is made to look like the diamond cut pattern and is a distinctive blend of black and grey color. But headphones without the diamond cut design are also available for comfort’s sake. Those are available in jet black color with narrow yellow accent and Diesel logo printed on them.

Another feature which is note worthy is the personalized listening experience offered by the new series headphones. The Vektr series of head phones and ear phones claim to block the noise to the outsiders which is very rare feature offered by the head phones presently available in the market.

Websites showing the images of the Vektr series headphones are showing high ratings the music and gadget buffs are giving to the pictures. It clearly shows the interest of people towards stylized music accessories and this was exactly the same phenomena Monster and Diesel foresaw.

People along with the audio out quality of the devices have started looking for those that would scream out the fashionable personalities that dwells in every one. Monster has always been in the forefront of this, bringing up such innovative concepts and ideas, each time they bring out something new a device or music accessories.

The new range of head sets and ear pieces would be available at a price ranging from RS 7, 500 onwards. The price range seems reasonable seeing the style look as well as the quality assurance features present in the earphones and headphone series.

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