Motorola Roadster 2 new Bluetooth headset

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Motorola Roadster 2 new Bluetooth headset

Motorola has released its impressive Bluetooth headset designed for users who regularly drives an automobile. The super cool headset is named Motorola Roadster 2. The design of this headset is almost same to that of its predecessor. The only notable differentiation in Motorola Roadster 2 compared to Motorola Roadster is the silver fish colour scheme as against the black finish of the earlier model.

The most important feature as mentioned is its use while driving a vehicle. Let us look at those features which make it a perfect travel gadget. It has a neatly designed sturdy clip that is designed to fit well with visor of the car. With Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth headset, users can have a responsible driving with their car without any need to get distracted. With this device, users can also ensure that no important calls are missed by them while driving their car. This Motorola Bluetooth accessory is expected to attract all those strict drivers out there with its user-friendly functionalities and Navigations.

The appearance is the other hallmark of this gadget. The front surface in the exterior part of the device is covered completely with the speaker grill from which users can hear the calls. On the extreme right corner towards the speaker grill in the bottom, users can see the Motorola Brand logo. On the top most portions and also the lowest portion of this headset, users can see the physical buttons that are flat in structure. The physical buttons are designed to give better response time.

Control options are neatly placed on one side of the Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth headset. , Users will be able to make use of the control functionalities such as power switch for turning the device on or off with ease. MicroUSB port is also present that can be used for charging the internal battery in the device. The battery of this headset is expected to provide a maximum of 20 hours of battery life.

The pricing of Motorola Roadster 2 is expected to be somewhere around Rs. 6,000/-. With this affordable price tag, we can expect this device to cross the sales of its predecessor.

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